The Grauer’s Gorillas

Through this topic, the Grauer’s gorilla speicies are being killed, and they are getting close to extinction. This paragraph will be about the Grauer’s gorilla population. Here is an example, “Three areas are now key to the survival of the sub-species – Kahuzi-Biega National Park, near the Rwandan border, the adjacent Punia Gorilla Reserve, and the Usala Forest, which is remote but unprotected.” This sentence shows that only three places are home to these endangered gorillas, and their numbers are still dropping. So, now we know how low the numbers are, and how it’s still decreasing. Now the species is categorized as “critically endangered”. This title is only given to species of animals that are dangerously close to extinction.


Through this topic, some materials will be mentioned. This paragraph will be about the minerals gorillas are being killed for. Here is an example, “The materials that these gorillas are being killed for are Tantalum, which stores electricity in the phone, Tungsten, which makes the phone vibrate, Tin which is used as a solder for the phone, and Gold, which is used for coating the wire.” The gorillas are killed so the land can be mined, and so the people have food to eat. This sentence shows that the gorillas are being killed for these minerals. So the outcome is that their population has dropped 77 percent over the past two decades. Now we know that the population has dropped drastically, and the only way to bring it back up is to stop the mining, so these once plentiful primates can be plentiful again.





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