Final book reflection

Our class finished our bookmaking and finally presented it in front of the first graders. There were some bad parts and some good parts. I’ll start with the good part. The first graders were really engaged, they liked my illustrations and enjoyed the story. I also agree with the good parts. Aoi(Reader) told me that some words are hard to understand. Next time I maybe can use some easier words. Other than that the grade ones liked the book. What I learned from this whole project is that to write a book for the audience, not you. In that way, the audience can enjoy the book even more.

English-Book evaluation

I was happy with the book that I made. I am also very happy with the illustration that I did because I have trouble with art. I wrote thinking about grade 1 vocabulary skills. My illustrations were greater than I thought it would be. My favorite part was making the cover page. It was fun because I did it using technology. In this project, I could develop my making skills because I made everything alone. It was very fun making the book and I want to do it again. I hope the grade 1s enjoy my book.

Q and As

Did you use your time effectively?

A: Yes most of the times, but I sometimes I got distracted by my friends.

What difficulties have you overcome?

A: It was hard to make the digital drawings

Are you happy with the materials you chose? Would you make adjustments next time?

A: I’m happy with the most of the stuff but some of my illustration got off. Next time I’ll use hot glue.