InS8 Religion Blog Post “I believe”…

  • I believe that we can’t be reborn.
  • I believe that we have a right to believe any religion we desire to.
  • I believe that governments do not have the right to affect the things we believe.
  • I believe that people should not set stereotypes to people who believe a certain religion.
  • I do not believe in god.
  • I believe that your social or physical status should not affect your choice to believe in a religion or subject.
  • I believe that scientific advancements will make some religious believes wrong, but religions will never end.
  • I believe that believing in a religion does not increase our lifespan.
  • I believe that believing in a religion does not keep us safe.
  • I believe that believing in a religion changes our mindset or views about the world and how we interact.


Printmaking Unit 2 – Reflection

My Project’s Strengths:

In my project, I did well at carving the final piece clearly. A part of this was because my design was rather simple, and did not have many small details. Another thing that I did well was interlocking. This is because by using interlocking, I made more interesting shapes. For example, in the corners of the design, there was a quarter circle. I did this because it would make the Japanese Flag Circle at the end when it interlocked. A solution that I am proud of is when I accidentally carved a circle too far, I changed the size of every other circle to match it. I can improve my cultural influence idea (the Japan Circle) by adding more detail to it and making it look more interesting than just a circle. I could add more shapes inside it (maybe another circle), and also use different shapes to make it look better. I can improve my final design by making my motif more balanced because it feels like there is more negative space.


I think that I was accurate in my interlocking because the shapes made new interesting shapes when they were together. I chose the colors in my pattern because most of the color combinations were complimentary colors. For example, in the corners of my pattern, the colors are turquoise and orange. These colors are about complimentary. I think the colors symbolizes the colors in my color plan is unified. This means that the colors are not random and they follow a pattern (four same turquoises under orange ink combination in the corners, in the middle black ink on white paper, and the others are blue paper under white ink).

Art Unit 1 Reflection

Question 1

My learning helped me improved my drawings to look more realistic because I learned many techniques artists use to make their drawings look more 3d. Some of the techniques were, using lighter and darker values, collaborating with classmates to make my drawing look better, using the blending stump to blend the drawing.

I also learned how to collaborate with my classmates, and showing them my drawing to see where I could improve on. One classmate said that the ears were not aligned to the other side, and I fixed this and the drawing looked better. From this, I learned how important it is to ask for opinions.

Question 2

2 things I would do differently next time to make my drawing more interesting is:

I would draw something outside my face to add more fun to the drawing. I can add different faces, drawings of other things or just doodles. I think this would make my drawing look more interesting.

I would draw my expression different and unique because just a normal face is not always that interesting. I can also make my face weird because this would also make my face look interesting.


I would best describe myself as an artist during this unit with these two words,

Thinker and Open Minded.

I chose thinker because I had to think of many ways to make my drawing look better. Some things I had to think about when drawing the portrait was, is the values dark enough or light enough, should I add a shadow there, is the proportion of the nose too big or small and many other things.

I chose open minded for my other word that describes me as an artist during this unit because when I got opinions or advice from other people in my class, I needed to be open minded to listen to the person saying the advice and reflect on it to make my drawing look better.


Advice to Grade 6 next year writing essays

I will give you some advice about writing an essay and show you some tips to know when writing an essay.

The first advice is to plan your essay before you write it. This is very important because having a basic idea of what to write is very helpful when writing an essay.

The next advice is to use appropriate vocabulary. This means that you should not to use contractions (I’ll, They’ll, You’re etc…).

The last advice is to have good information. For me, when writing the Roald Dahl analysing essay, I had to use clear evidence to effectively describe the point I am making.

I hope this helps you get better at writing essays next year.