When you are writing a paragraph, you have to make sure you use formal language and that you don’t use contractions. You have to state the facts clearly. You are not allowed to give your opinion. You will have to write body paragraphs, an ending and an introduction. It is really fun to write an essay. You research and try and find the best evidence you can. You work on it for a long time, and make the best you can. It can be hard sometimes but it is really fun. You will enjoy it too. Here is an example from my essay about What Makes Roald Dahl a Great Author.   Roald Dahl creates superior action and twists. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Bucket, the boy from the poor family finds one of the only 5 Golden Tickets. On top of that, he wins a whole chocolate factory later in the book. ”Charlie picked it up and tore off the wrapper…and suddenly…from underneath the wrapper…there came a brilliant flash of gold.”(p42). This is really fascinating for the readers because it is a big twist in the story. He also creates a twist when in The Witches the witches want to turn all the children of England into mice, but they become the mice. “In another few seconds, all the witches had completely disappeared and the tops of the two long tables were swarming with small brown mice.”(p179) Roald Dahl also creates a lot of action in his stories. This example is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “CRASH went the lift, right down through the roof of the house into the old people’s bedroom.”(p145). This is really unique because in real life a lift can not fly. This happens after little Charlie Bucket won the chocolate factory and went home to his family. The landing was tempting since the lift went through the roof. Readers really enjoy Roald Dahl’s stories because of his plots.  Here is an image of a Roald Dahl book:  Image result for charlie and the chocolate factory book

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