I learned to draw more realistically, when I started drawing the shadows. I had to draw the shadows when I was drawing, or else it just looked cartoonish or flat, or maybe both. I learned that when you are drawing a portrait, you draw what you see, not what you want to see. My learning helped me focus, and stay on task. It helped me be better at drawing 3D and realistic things.


I would not erase so hard, because when I erased the nose in my drawing hard and fast, the paper ripped and it was really annoying. It was always a different color than I wanted it to be, because of the edges of the paper. The other thing I would do differently, is that I would not draw my chin so long, and straight. I draw my chin pointy, when it wasn’t so that made the portrait look a bit different. I noticed it at the end, so I could not fix it.


I was a communicator, and a risk taker. I was a communicator, because I always asked about other’s opinions and how I could improve my drawing. I also asked Mr. Reed and he also helped me a lot.  i was a risk taker, because I took risks when drawing, that could ruin my whole portrait. I erased the eye and the nose a lot of times, to make it better, but I was afraid I would make it worse. I made it better though. I also discovered that I was an inquirer, because I really listened to what Mr. Reed had to say and show us.