Unit 2 Final Art Reflection

In this unit in Art, we were making a print. We had to make our motifs carve one of those motifs our and then print to make a pattern. I was very good at managing my time. For example i finished my carving before others even started. Luckily my design was detailed but not sooo much. I did not even have to flip over my carving plate because I made no mistakes. My carve was not rushed I just focused more than others. I also planned ahead and came up with alternative ideas.  I also planned the shapes, colors, patterns and how I want to make my motifs interlock. I liked how my final pattern had a little negative space and it showed my personal and cultural influences. I really like the solution where my motif did not interlock, so I put triangles in the corner so when 4 of the motifs were put together it make kind of a flower design. I could improve my cultural influence by making it obvious what it is. Mine was soccer by the way. I could improve my personal interest by making it take up a bit more space since it only covered up a small bit of the motif. Also by making it have more unity.  The problem was that after the process of transferring the design onto the carving plate I could only carve it so it would interlock but unfortunately I forgot.

My interlocking is great on all sides except for the bottom left side line. It does not interlock well with the bottom right line. That is because I mis-measured the sides with my ruler. I should have measured again before I transferred my design onto my carving plate. I should have drawn a line across to check if the lines matched.  Other than that my interlocking is really good. The leaf on the left and right sides interlock perfectly. I also like the triangles in the corners because together they make up a nice pattern. The triangles create a flower looking pattern when put together. Also The lines around the leaf when are together make a kind of shield looking shape with a leaf on it. I chose some complementary and some analogous colors. I always used a turquoise ink and 2 black, 2 white, 2 purple, 2 yellow and 1 orange. I chose these colors because the examples I’ve seen had different inks and different papers. I tried to stay unique. My colors where not random at all. I love white black and turquoise. I chose yellow because it stood out. I chose purple because turquoise and purple fit together. My last color was orange. I chose that color because I wanted to chose a color that really really stood out when I put it in the middle of the pattern. I also solved a lot of problems with choosing these colors at the start.