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ATL Video

This is our ATL video (Yo, Wyatt, Beni, Hemal, Julia)

Unit 2 Final Reflection–ART

Unit 2 Final Art Reflection In this unit in Art, we were making a print. We had to make our motifs carve one of those motifs our and then print to make a pattern. I was very good at managing… Continue Reading →

How Can Science Affect Fertility

Fertilization is the action or process of fertilizing a female involving the fusion of male and female gametes to form a baby.  A gamete is either a sperm or an egg. These two gametes have to make a baby. A gamete… Continue Reading →

Art Reflection

I learned to draw more realistically, when I started drawing the shadows. I had to draw the shadows when I was drawing, or else it just looked cartoonish or flat, or maybe both. I learned that when you are drawing… Continue Reading →

Reflection of Water Unit

After the water unit, we had to do a reflection. This is my reflection. I have learned a lot of things about water, and how “Human interactions with water can damage, protect, or improve freshwater resources depending on responsible and sustainable… Continue Reading →

Advice for next generation of grade 6

Hello next year’s grade sixes. You will also be doing a water project in I&S. I have some words of wisdom for you.  1. You should take this project really seriously, because it can be really hard sometimes.  2. You… Continue Reading →

Advice at Writing an Essay

When you are writing a paragraph, you have to make sure you use formal language and that you don’t use contractions. You have to state the facts clearly. You are not allowed to give your opinion. You will have to… Continue Reading →

Before and After

 This is what my notebook  before I set my goal. It is really unorganized and full of different colors. It does not look great.  This is what my notebook looked after I set my goal. It is much tidier and… Continue Reading →

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