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ATL Video

This is our ATL video (Yo, Wyatt, Beni, Hemal, Julia)

Unit 2 Final Reflection–ART

Unit 2 Final Art Reflection In this unit in Art, we were making a print. We had to make our motifs carve one of those motifs our and then print to make a pattern. I was very good at managing… Continue Reading →

Art Reflection

I learned to draw more realistically, when I started drawing the shadows. I had to draw the shadows when I was drawing, or else it just looked cartoonish or flat, or maybe both. I learned that when you are drawing… Continue Reading →

Before and After

 This is what my notebook  before I set my goal. It is really unorganized and full of different colors. It does not look great.  This is what my notebook looked after I set my goal. It is much tidier and… Continue Reading →

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