Art Reflection


Art Reflection Unit 1

Looking at the pictures I can really see how going to open studio even if it was not to do the the face drawing  but just practicing to draw was a great help and even just going in the morning and asking for help can help so much and I think that in my drawings it shows that.Also I advise for next years people to go to open studio because it will show in your final work like it did for me And in general just to draw even a bit it can help loads.

If I could do this project again I would think of were I will shade because when you use a blending stump to get different values and more gradation the paper might rip and than you have these really small bits of paper that roll up and you can’t really draw on it and that happened when I used a blending stump on the same place a lot and so I may want to plan before hand were i’m going to blend.Also I may want a better picture because the picture a little dark and with my colour blindness it was quite hard to see some of the shades and that was hard but than I could get help from my classmates and that was great.

How I changed as a person through out this unit well the way I got more curios to learn more about art and I will continue to draw in my book and explore art as a hobby and to have fun in the world of art.Also I have gotten more committed for art before I would draw than say I can’t do it and give up but now with all these skills I can solve problems I encounter while I draw witch I am grateful for and I feel as if now I can draw and face problems but still enjoy drawing and go through these problems and go on and draw

Theo Jouas


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