Unit:1 reflection

Question 1: How did your learning help you improve and learn to draw more realistically?

This unit helped me draw myself more realistically because, I learned how to draw a realistic eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, I learned how to use a value scale so that I can make my self-look more realistic. Shadows and highlights made myself look more look 3D. For example, my first portrait looked flat because I didn’t have any shadows or highlights.

Question 2: What 2 things would you do differently to make your drawing even better?

If I could do this assignment again, I would like to fix my hair. I would like to make my hair look more realistic. Also, I would like to draw the dark shadow parts even darker. For example, my hair didn’t look realistic like a real hair because, I drew to much shadow on my hair.

Question 3: 2 words I think that can describe me as an artist

I would describe myself as a reflective because I reflected every time I drew something. One day, I drew my mouth. I thought that there was something wrong with my mouth. I saw that end of every people’s mouth is the starting of our eyes.

I would also describe myself as a communicator because, as I went through this self-portrait drawing unit, whenever people asked me for some feedbacks, I thought carefully and gave them feedbacks like how Mr. Reed gave me feedbacks.

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