Final Printmaking Reflection

I think I did well on choosing the colors for my printing, I think it had unity because I had a pattern on the inks and I chose a primary paper. Am kind of proud on my carving because I carved out some lines, but overall I think its good. My weakness is that, some of my designs were not aligned properly. I could improve my cultural influence by spacing it out from other designs. I could improve my personal interest by measuring the size of it before I transfer it to the other side. For my personal interest I chose to add the u’s which are from Garfield the show. It’s supposed to be the part where the whiskers come out and for the extra ideas I decided to add waves, which remind me of the beach and I love the beach, it helps me forget about everything and have fun and thats why I chose blue for my printing.

My interlocking is kind of good, The two sides did not interlock by a bit but the lone on the center and on the top to bottom interlocked. My interlocking does create a x when it interlocks.  My color plan is unified but my colors have a match on each side. My waves were 2 centimeters and they mostly interlock at the exact spot 3 times. The shapes at the bottom four sides, when it joins it makes a quatrefoil, Another example is the u’s make a x with the other x’s on the other page. I chose green for nature, I chose blue for calm and blue is my favorite color , I chose red for people and I chose purple for colorfulness and I chose yellow for brightness.


Human reproductive system and cells reproduction

What is Fertilisation? Fertilisation is when to gametes (male–>sperm and women–>egg) meet together and they can grow to a baby.

If humans or couples are not fertile they cannot reproduce . How ever there are 3 solutions which are: IVF, Fallopian tube blocked. IUI

IVF is if the man’s sperm is weak IVF can be used by taking out the woman’s egg and fertilizing it then put it back in the woman’s uterus so the baby can grow.

If the fallopian tube is blocked surgery can be carried out to repair the tubes, making it easier for the eggs to pass.

IUI is when sperm is put into the woman’s uterus and they choose the good quality sperm so it can find the egg and make a baby.

They can be risk on doing this which is you can get an underweight baby, blood pressure.

It can benefit in health by reducing the risk of the disease .


“In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): Side Effects and Risks.” American Pregnancy Association. N.p., 12 Mar. 2017. Web. 27 Apr. 2017.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning really helped me to improve and change my drawings from 2d to realistic which is 3d. I did not know how to do the values and the gradation to make my portrait. When I started learning this skills my portrait became so much better than the one that I drew. Some of the tools that I have never used before such as a blending stamp which helped me a lot to do the gradation that made my values go smoothly.

The things that I would do differently is not to draw with the tip of your pencil so you can avoid seeing the lines on your portrait. For example, when I was drawing the outline of the teeth, I asked some people and they said that people don’t have lines on there teeth so I had to make sure to blend in the lines so you can at least see some. If you do not leave some lines it will look like you just have a blank space inside your mouth. The second thing is not to erase to much on your portrait because some areas I erased to hard or to much and some of the paper starts to peel of so my advice is to erase not that hard and on my opinion it’s good to erase a lot because it shows that you are learning what mistakes you have done and how to overcome them.

The two 2 learning words that will describe me as an artist is communication and collaboration. This words describe me as an artist is when I was drawing my portrait I was communicating with my friends, I was asking for feedback from different people and when I got my feedback from my class mates I took what they said and made adjustments to my portrait. When we are drawing our self portrait we were collaborating by giving ideas and helping each other.

Advice for the Future Grade 6 InS and science

Hello!! Future grade sixes. I am going to give advice for the water unit that you are going to learn in InS and SCIENCE. The first thing is to be positive with your partner and everybody. One of my best moments doing this project was how to clean water and researching. We learned lots of ways to clean water. If you find a website or a poster with a lot of words, don’t skip it read it and understand it. The mistake I did was adding vocab in my information. Make sure you do you share of work, don’t make your partner do all the work. This were all my advices for this water unit. HOPE you get a 0… I mean a 8! Remember STAY POSITIVE!!!

Here is my website check what I did : Click HERE

Here is the link to my slides: Click HERE

Here is a picture of my sequencing brain frame

Advice to the Future Grade 6

For the Future grade 6’sMy Advice of writing an essay is to get the structure of the essay and when you are writing your essay you need to pick good evidence to support your point.

For Example: look at this paragraph I wrote.

Dahl uses repetition and uses hyperbole in his stories, which makes him a great author. Roald Dahl uses hyperbole to entertain readers.Hyperbole makes readers laugh because of the exaggeration.In Esio Trot  “The distance between the balconies might not have been more than a few yards but to Mr Hoppy it seemed like a million miles away.”(p4). That implies, Mr Hoppy likes the neighbour below. In Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox says “I can smell that man Bean a mile away. He stinks.”(p33). That suggests that Mr. Fox, does not like the man because of his stench. Roald Dahl uses repetition in his stories. Repetition in stories makes the expectation of what is happening have more tension. In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. “Then the last three remaining creatures began stretching themselves all at the same time, each one elongating itself slowly upward, growing taller and taller, thinner and thinner.(p67).That suggests that the creature is stretching itself to something scary and the tension is building up. In James and the Giant Peach, the peach is growing bigger and bigger. “‘I see it,Spiker! It is speeding up!’ Bigger and bigger grew the peach, bigger and bigger and bigger.”(p30)We now understand how Roald Dahl uses his language techniques to entertain us and

we can learn and use his words in other writings.


Here are some Interesting facts about Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl Facts and Worksheets

Before and After- Organization Skills

My goal for second semester is to be organised and keep my work tidy.My goal for next semester is to be  organised and plan my work in my physical diary. I need to organised myself better, keep time and file my work. The old papers I take them out and I put them  in a separate file and the new papers stay in my school folder.

This is me unorganised


This is me still unorganised


This is me still organized.


Creating a picture book

  • Audience: My book had some things a grade 1 will like to read and some that I really did not add in. I asked some grade one kids what book they liked and what was funny about that book. They said BANANA that word made them laugh, so I created a book about bananas and it is called King Kong and the Golden Banana touch. I kept in mind that I made the book for both genders.  I did not ask them about what TV shows and what character they liked and I think I should have asked what character they liked so my main character could be what they said.
  • Language + Story: My story suited the reading level because the grade one could read and understand the words and since Grade ones don’t like reading hard words I found some easier words. I also added some words that they can learn from and remember and at the back I put a life lesson word. A life lesson is useful knowledge that can be learned, example: “Our greatest weakness is giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.” Thomas Edison.
  • Materials: I used different ranges of materials to make my book wonderful. Some of the materials I used were cotton balls, green felt, yellow felt, Glitter and pipe cleaners.I used cotton balls the cloud instead of colouring white as the cloud. I used the green felt and yellow felt for the grass and the yellow felt for the bananas. I used the glitter for the halo on the head to resemble a angle. I used pipe cleaners to bind the pages together and to separate the picture form the writing. I recommend to add materials in your book so it look more appealing.  
  • Design brief: My design was to have a nice colourful appealing book with what the grade ones will like. I made sure to add things like easy language, pictures and colour, funny thing things like that. I decided my book to be landscape because I thought landscape picture books looks more better that portrait in my opinion. The original myth I chose was King Midas and the golden touch, I chose because it had the same idea with the story that I was going to change it to. My idea was to have a king and when he touches something it turns to a golden banana. Here is a photo of my design brief.
  • Reading with Grade 1: We went to read our book/myth to the grade 1 and we read the book to them, after I finished reading to them I asked them some questions like
  • how did you like the book.
  • Did you like the photos
  • Would you like to do this. They were so amused when King Kong touched something and it turned to a golden banana. The liked the book and they said that I like how you put things to touch. I liked how the kids didn’t look at the window and ignored me, but the were interested in the book and I was proud of them for doing it.

Here is a link to my google slides King Kong and the Golden Touch slides. Click here