Creating a picture book

  • Audience: My book had some things a grade 1 will like to read and some that I really did not add in. I asked some grade one kids what book they liked and what was funny about that book. They said BANANA that word made them laugh, so I created a book about bananas and it is called King Kong and the Golden Banana touch. I kept in mind that I made the book for both genders.  I did not ask them about what TV shows and what character they liked and I think I should have asked what character they liked so my main character could be what they said.
  • Language + Story: My story suited the reading level because the grade one could read and understand the words and since Grade ones don’t like reading hard words I found some easier words. I also added some words that they can learn from and remember and at the back I put a life lesson word. A life lesson is useful knowledge that can be learned, example: “Our greatest weakness is giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.” Thomas Edison.
  • Materials: I used different ranges of materials to make my book wonderful. Some of the materials I used were cotton balls, green felt, yellow felt, Glitter and pipe cleaners.I used cotton balls the cloud instead of colouring white as the cloud. I used the green felt and yellow felt for the grass and the yellow felt for the bananas. I used the glitter for the halo on the head to resemble a angle. I used pipe cleaners to bind the pages together and to separate the picture form the writing. I recommend to add materials in your book so it look more appealing.  
  • Design brief: My design was to have a nice colourful appealing book with what the grade ones will like. I made sure to add things like easy language, pictures and colour, funny thing things like that. I decided my book to be landscape because I thought landscape picture books looks more better that portrait in my opinion. The original myth I chose was King Midas and the golden touch, I chose because it had the same idea with the story that I was going to change it to. My idea was to have a king and when he touches something it turns to a golden banana. Here is a photo of my design brief.
  • Reading with Grade 1: We went to read our book/myth to the grade 1 and we read the book to them, after I finished reading to them I asked them some questions like
  • how did you like the book.
  • Did you like the photos
  • Would you like to do this. They were so amused when King Kong touched something and it turned to a golden banana. The liked the book and they said that I like how you put things to touch. I liked how the kids didn’t look at the window and ignored me, but the were interested in the book and I was proud of them for doing it.

Here is a link to my google slides King Kong and the Golden Touch slides. Click here

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