Advice to the Future Grade 6

For the Future grade 6’sMy Advice of writing an essay is to get the structure of the essay and when you are writing your essay you need to pick good evidence to support your point.

For Example: look at this paragraph I wrote.

Dahl uses repetition and uses hyperbole in his stories, which makes him a great author. Roald Dahl uses hyperbole to entertain readers.Hyperbole makes readers laugh because of the exaggeration.In Esio Trot  “The distance between the balconies might not have been more than a few yards but to Mr Hoppy it seemed like a million miles away.”(p4). That implies, Mr Hoppy likes the neighbour below. In Fantastic Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox says “I can smell that man Bean a mile away. He stinks.”(p33). That suggests that Mr. Fox, does not like the man because of his stench. Roald Dahl uses repetition in his stories. Repetition in stories makes the expectation of what is happening have more tension. In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. “Then the last three remaining creatures began stretching themselves all at the same time, each one elongating itself slowly upward, growing taller and taller, thinner and thinner.(p67).That suggests that the creature is stretching itself to something scary and the tension is building up. In James and the Giant Peach, the peach is growing bigger and bigger. “‘I see it,Spiker! It is speeding up!’ Bigger and bigger grew the peach, bigger and bigger and bigger.”(p30)We now understand how Roald Dahl uses his language techniques to entertain us and

we can learn and use his words in other writings.


Here are some Interesting facts about Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl Facts and Worksheets

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