Final Printmaking Reflection

I think I did well on choosing the colors for my printing, I think it had unity because I had a pattern on the inks and I chose a primary paper. Am kind of proud on my carving because I carved out some lines, but overall I think its good. My weakness is that, some of my designs were not aligned properly. I could improve my cultural influence by spacing it out from other designs. I could improve my personal interest by measuring the size of it before I transfer it to the other side. For my personal interest I chose to add the u’s which are from Garfield the show. It’s supposed to be the part where the whiskers come out and for the extra ideas I decided to add waves, which remind me of the beach and I love the beach, it helps me forget about everything and have fun and thats why I chose blue for my printing.

My interlocking is kind of good, The two sides did not interlock by a bit but the lone on the center and on the top to bottom interlocked. My interlocking does create a x when it interlocks.  My color plan is unified but my colors have a match on each side. My waves were 2 centimeters and they mostly interlock at the exact spot 3 times. The shapes at the bottom four sides, when it joins it makes a quatrefoil, Another example is the u’s make a x with the other x’s on the other page. I chose green for nature, I chose blue for calm and blue is my favorite color , I chose red for people and I chose purple for colorfulness and I chose yellow for brightness.


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