Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning really helped me to improve and change my drawings from 2d to realistic which is 3d. I did not know how to do the values and the gradation to make my portrait. When I started learning this skills my portrait became so much better than the one that I drew. Some of the tools that I have never used before such as a blending stamp which helped me a lot to do the gradation that made my values go smoothly.

The things that I would do differently is not to draw with the tip of your pencil so you can avoid seeing the lines on your portrait. For example, when I was drawing the outline of the teeth, I asked some people and they said that people don’t have lines on there teeth so I had to make sure to blend in the lines so you can at least see some. If you do not leave some lines it will look like you just have a blank space inside your mouth. The second thing is not to erase to much on your portrait because some areas I erased to hard or to much and some of the paper starts to peel of so my advice is to erase not that hard and on my opinion it’s good to erase a lot┬ábecause it shows that you are learning what mistakes you have done and how to overcome them.

The two 2 learning words that will describe me as an artist is communication and collaboration. This words describe me as an artist is when I was drawing my portrait I was communicating with my friends, I was asking for feedback from different people and when I got my feedback from my class mates I took what they said and made adjustments to my portrait. When we are drawing our self portrait we were collaborating by giving ideas and helping each other.