January 23, 2017

Myth Re telling

My audience was said they found my book was okay and they said I could improve my drawings of people because they weren’t detailed enough. I think that they didn’t really enjoy my book because they were looking at me like “this is so boring”. I am actually pretty proud of  my book I like the cover and the pictures if I would start over I would change the drawings of the characters in my story because they are not very detailed. What I would keep the same would be the cover because it looks pretty cool to me and I like the colour combination.

January 21, 2017

Art crituiqe for unit two

My cultural influence was the christian cross. The idea came from my religion christianity and I thought that it would look good and it would represent me because it was and is holy to the christians. Another example why I chose the cross for my cultural influence is because I go to church on holidays like Christmas and Easter. My personal interests are lego bricks I chose it because I build things out of lego and then play with them so it’s kind of a hobby for me my first lego space ship that I built was when I was in first grade. The idea came when I wanted to use the iron cross for my motif but then it reminded me of  lego so I thought that lego would be better so I chose lego. Lego is important and interesting to me because when I was younger I used to build lego star wars space ships and lego star wars tanks but now I build mostly only lego houses like mall’s, restaurants and banks and that’s why I chose lego for my Personal interest.


I think I did very well on the interlocking because with my own motif I created a new and traditional motif that they use in the french language called quatrefeuille. The ideas and solutions I am proud of are the lego bricks and the cross because I think they interlock really well and they look really cool another idea that i am proud of is that I accidentally without knowing made a world famous motif called quatrefeuille. What I  would do different the next time is that I would like to have a giant printing block and just print it on a paper and another thing is that I would want to change would be the green in the middle I think that it doesn’t look that good between yellow and blue maybe next time I could use red. I could change or improve my cultural influence by maybe putting other things that are holy to me like jesus and church. I could change and improve my personal interest by putting other hobby’s of mine like playing soccer or tennis.


The Lines and Shapes I used in my artwork were crosses, lego bricks, quatrefeuille, diagonal lines and straight lines. In my artwork I used the colours blue,yellow and green I chose these colours because they mixed so well together and make a really cool pattern. When the I put the same two motif’s together they created another motif instead of a pattern. I think my interlocking was pretty good because all nine printed copies of my motif perfectly fit together.My colour plan was unified because I had my colours in a pattern and so they looked better what I think I could do better next time with my colour plan would be that I would change the colour in the middle because green doesn’t fit that good into my motif.





November 17, 2016

Design specification

  • 3D pictures
  • Pop out pictures
  • Big book (but not to big)
  • Interesting cover
  • Interesting topic (myth)
  • Shouldn’t have too advanced vocabulary
  • Should have more pictures than words
  • Shouldn’t be to long
  • Should be easy and safe for little kids to use

Steps required to make a book

  • Get all the materials you need
  • Then make the cover and the back cover first
  • after that make the illustrations that you need for the book
  • Make sure you make pages for the writing and the illustrations
  • Last not least take all the pages you have and stick them or glue them in your book