November 22, 2017

Luis Science Conflict Mineral Essay


In the modern world we depend on certain things for our everyday life like iphones. This is made possible by materials coming from all over the world. These Minerals are Copper, the three T’s and gold they can sometimes also be referred to Conflict Minerals because of the regions that there mined in like in Eastern Congo where corruption and Violence are very common there because of it constantly being a war zone where Survival of the fittest really means something.

Here are some examples of this gold= copwiring, tin= solder for circuit boards, tantalum= stores electricity for phones, tungsten= vibration for phone and copper= outer layer of the wiring for the Iphone here are the websites that I used, , These minerals are used because they have advantages that make the phone better by making it more resistant. For example let’s take AU (gold) it makes the phone more resistant to oxidation and corrosion in other environments that the phones aren’t used to. From this we can conclude that we are living in a world where we are very lucky because we can use these devices and the people that actually have to work getting the minerals for these devices most of the time can even afford them.


In the modern world where we use a lot of devices such as iphones and laptops and we all know that the social world would crumble without the minerals that their made of, of course there are some people that take advantage of that. The president of DR Congo Joseph Kabila was linked with corruption funds that were coming from the gold, Tantalum, Tin and Tungsten mines in the eastern Congo. The DR Congo loses about $750m per year due to corruption and that’s only one of the many examples here is the website were I found it on The DR Congo is one of the most mineral blessed countries in the world and now you might be thinking wouldn’t it be one of the richest countries in the world well that’s where you’re wrong because even though it has so many resources the country is one of the poorest countries in the world because all the people that are involved in the mineral business are very selfish and so they take all the money and keep it for themselves instead of spending it on education, infrastructure and sanitation which not only help the environment but also the people of the DR Congo because they suffer the most under this corrupt system. We can conclude from this that people like Joseph Kabila only come want to come to power for the money and power and not to help the people that are suffering in the mines in which they work 24/7.

All of us today probably have once said “school is so annoying nobody needs it” well think again because there children in africa who have lost their parents and don’t even get education. These children then have to sustain themselves because of their dead parents most of the time but they can’t just get a job as a cashier or something because that requires some sort of skill like math which these kids have never learned because they never went to school. This is an example “As a result of the 6-year civil war in the late 1990s-early 2000s, over 5.2 million children in the country did not receive any education.” Now the literacy rate has gone tremendously upwards because of the end of the civil war but still the situation is pretty bad, here is the website that I used This means that people and children are already getting better education because of the end of the second civil war in the DR Congo that the education has gotten better there is still a conflict going on with the rebels in the eastern congo and they control parts of the region which means these people in the region don’t get any education. From what I have said you maybe think that I want you to go down to the Congo and help these people personally no I think you shouldn’t do that do I think that you should respect school and donate to these poor children in africa so they can also have chances to become successful and wealthy people just like us.   

January 23, 2017

Myth Re telling

My audience was said they found my book was okay and they said I could improve my drawings of people because they weren’t detailed enough. I think that they didn’t really enjoy my book because they were looking at me like “this is so boring”. I am actually pretty proud of  my book I like the cover and the pictures if I would start over I would change the drawings of the characters in my story because they are not very detailed. What I would keep the same would be the cover because it looks pretty cool to me and I like the colour combination.

January 21, 2017

Art crituiqe for unit two

My cultural influence was the christian cross. The idea came from my religion christianity and I thought that it would look good and it would represent me because it was and is holy to the christians. Another example why I chose the cross for my cultural influence is because I go to church on holidays like Christmas and Easter. My personal interests are lego bricks I chose it because I build things out of lego and then play with them so it’s kind of a hobby for me my first lego space ship that I built was when I was in first grade. The idea came when I wanted to use the iron cross for my motif but then it reminded me of  lego so I thought that lego would be better so I chose lego. Lego is important and interesting to me because when I was younger I used to build lego star wars space ships and lego star wars tanks but now I build mostly only lego houses like mall’s, restaurants and banks and that’s why I chose lego for my Personal interest.


I think I did very well on the interlocking because with my own motif I created a new and traditional motif that they use in the french language called quatrefeuille. The ideas and solutions I am proud of are the lego bricks and the cross because I think they interlock really well and they look really cool another idea that i am proud of is that I accidentally without knowing made a world famous motif called quatrefeuille. What I  would do different the next time is that I would like to have a giant printing block and just print it on a paper and another thing is that I would want to change would be the green in the middle I think that it doesn’t look that good between yellow and blue maybe next time I could use red. I could change or improve my cultural influence by maybe putting other things that are holy to me like jesus and church. I could change and improve my personal interest by putting other hobby’s of mine like playing soccer or tennis.


The Lines and Shapes I used in my artwork were crosses, lego bricks, quatrefeuille, diagonal lines and straight lines. In my artwork I used the colours blue,yellow and green I chose these colours because they mixed so well together and make a really cool pattern. When the I put the same two motif’s together they created another motif instead of a pattern. I think my interlocking was pretty good because all nine printed copies of my motif perfectly fit together.My colour plan was unified because I had my colours in a pattern and so they looked better what I think I could do better next time with my colour plan would be that I would change the colour in the middle because green doesn’t fit that good into my motif.





November 17, 2016

Design specification

  • 3D pictures
  • Pop out pictures
  • Big book (but not to big)
  • Interesting cover
  • Interesting topic (myth)
  • Shouldn’t have too advanced vocabulary
  • Should have more pictures than words
  • Shouldn’t be to long
  • Should be easy and safe for little kids to use

Steps required to make a book

  • Get all the materials you need
  • Then make the cover and the back cover first
  • after that make the illustrations that you need for the book
  • Make sure you make pages for the writing and the illustrations
  • Last not least take all the pages you have and stick them or glue them in your book