>>> Visual Arts – Unit 2 Reflection <<<

Art Reflection >>Unit 2<< By:Kiko¬†This is a photo of my print ūüėČ


My cultural interest was celtic patterns because I liked the way it looks 3-D.I also chose celtic designs because I have never heard of celtic design and I wanted to try something new.and they weave through each other and I found that very interesting and cool.My Personal interest was Soccer, that explains the ring in the middle of the Motif because its supposed to be a a ball.I love soccer and I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and mix celtic designs and a soccer ball.I found the celtic design because I searched up 3-D motifs and I found a really cool design that Interlocks really well.I chose a soccer ball because I love soccer and my favourite soccer team is FC Bayern and their team logo is a circle.I think that celtic designs are very interesting because I have never heard of celtic designs. I like soccer because its a fun sport to play. Soccer is my favourite sport to play and I thought it would be cool to put it in my motif. Celtic designs are something new and I want to try something new. I find soccer Interesting because some people think you don’t need ¬†to think that much in a soccer match in real life you have to think a lot. I find celtic designs interesting because before I didn’t know what celtic designs were and now I know.


I did very well in printing because I thought about how I could make my print good because I wanted the artwork to not only represent a motif but also me as a person and I and I thought I did very good on that. I was proud of myself when I was washing for the first time my pallet knife and my inc tray I didn’t do very good but then I saw how one boy got really mad because he got inc on his shirt I felt really sorry for him because Mr.Reed told the class that once you get the inc on your shirt you will never get it out. But then I ¬†spent really a really long time washing my printing tools but I know it was worth it. ¬†I would choose different paper colours because the print ¬†doesn’t look like it has unity and I don’t want that because I wanted to get a higher grade and I wanted to keep it if it looked cool. I would want to choose Japanese motifs because they don’t stop ¬†and they are way more repetetive than other motifs. I would use something that has a more interesting shape than a circle because Then if we would be putting these up then more people would come and look at it and they would give me more positive feedback.


I used two lines in the corners because I wanted to make diamonds so I can show how much I love the shape diamond, so the only way to show how much I love the shape I put it in the motif. I was really happy when I started printing because it turned to show that the corners actually interlocked with each other! I chose the colours black and red in the top and bottom corners because the black paper would make the red motif stand out more. I chose the blue and white colours because I wanted to make it seem like the inner shape ( which is a diamond ) is the heaven and the outside is supposed to be hell. I chose the light green and red for my inside because I wanted to make the inside seem like its earth and the heaven is protecting the earth from hell. My interlocking went pretty good but I found that the colours don’t really match and that is why you cant really see the interlocking in the corners of the print. ¬†My colours are not random because I chose the top and bottom corners to be hell and the inner shape except for the middle is the heaven that is protecting the earth from the bad spirits that come out and take people with them.

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