Science Blog Post – Conflict Minerals

In Congo there are miners that work harder than almost any other worker in the world, i’m talking about little children having to mine and grown men only living up to their forties. These miners only live up their forties because they have to mine for the materials that are in our phones that we use every day. The materials are Gold, Coltan/Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten/Wolframite. All these materials are in our modern day tool like Computers, MP3 players, iPhones, Batteries and even some tiny micro chips that are in technology. When we buy these products we often don’t think about about the background of these minerals that come from the Congo. All these materials are worth a lot more than you think because a miner’s is giving his life to produce one iPhone everyday.

In some of the mines in Congo some miners have to spend days in the mines with only a little bit of food to eat. Most of the miners are in their twenties and they only live up to their forties because they breath in silica that is in the mines where they have to stay for over three days. According to the website BBC some miners can hear other miners die or get injured because something collapsed on them. The miners don’t sleep for an entire night because they just want to get their work done so they can either get paid and afford food or they just want t go back home to their families.

An example from the LA times claims that “The miners in Congo live harder lives than we do because they have to work constantly, they don’t always get enough food but they still have to mine there for days straight. These websites are currently the only ones that know about the dangers that the miners have to overcome every time they are in those mines. These articles are here to spread awareness about people in Congo that can’t afford food without sacrificing their life. But these websites are also here to tell you guys what the miners are mining and how much a piece of Gold is actually worth.