Art reflection

In this unit we carved on a rubber plate and we had to have a cultural influence and a  Personal interest in the design. Since I have lived in switzerland my cultural influence is the cross on the dolphin’s tail because it represents the swiss flag. Five or six hundred years ago there was lots of fights and the part that was going to become switzerland wore a red suit but lots of other people also wore red so they killed the wrong people so the swiss people put a white cross on the suit so that the soldiers would know who was their friend and who was their enemy that is why the swiss cross as a cross.   My personal interest is the dolphin and the waves because I like to jump over waves in the beach in Spain I go to almost every summer in the south of Barcelona. My other personal interest is the big dolphin because I have seen them only in aquariums and I think they are so cute, they are also a very smart animals and funny. I also chose the snowflakes because I like playing with the snow for example skiing or ice skating.

I did very well on choosing the colors for the design because they make a pattern and since they are only three colors I did not have to wash the tools so many times .If I did this project again I would change were the dolphin is because I think it looks like it is flying and I wanted it to look like he was just jumping a bit off the water. There used to be some lines on the carving but I did not like them, it was really hard to carve them off because every time that I carved you could still see them. Now you can still kind of see them. I would change the size of the blade because the one I used was too small so it was hard to carve all the negative space


I used lots of different lines but most of them were wavy because my design has lots of curvy shapes for example the dolphins back is curved because he is jumping and the waves are wavy because it is a windy day. The waves were really hard to carve because the carving tool always slipped of my hand so it carved where I did not want it to. The colors I used were white,blue and purple because they are wintery colors and since there is snow on the sides I decided that the dolphin was used to the cold because he had lived in switzerland like me. The color make a pattern from up to down and from side to side. The waves interlock and so do the snowflakes.