INS 8 “I believe…” August 20th 2018

I believe…

  • right now that there is no god, no afterlife. I think you will compost and become nature.
  • that the government has the power right now in the world not the pope.
  • that everything that happens can be scientifically proven, just with enough resources poured into it.
  • that people should not waste their time in praying everyday and enjoy their short life of 79 years
  • that in future that people will live longer than 79 years,  this proven by this statistics in last 100 years
  • that no one can prove god or no one can prove afterlife, this because its in another realm impossible to breach.
  • that religions are usually around diffrent countries, example: Christans are usually around Europe
  • that people that fear death should rely on religion to shoulder their fears
  • I believe that their cant be peace with many diffrent religions contradictings eachother.
  • people should be open to new ideas

Iphone Materials

The iPhone has many materials. I am going to explain 2 of them. The first one is tin which has an atomic number of 50. Tin is used for soldering. Soldering means connecting wires and metals. Tin is also used in combination with indium to make the touchscreen more capable. The second one is gold with the atomic number of 79. Gold is used for electrical connections within the phone because it never tarnishes and conducts well. These materials are indispensable for the iPhone.


However, they come from poor countries like Bolivia. It’s mine Cerro Rico, for instance, is dated back to 1500. So it has many cracks and the support beams are often broken. The mine is also filled with tons of silica dust. According to BBC Report, the average lifespan of a miner in Cerro Rico Is below 40. So miners risk their lives in this unsafe working place. UNICEF reported that children even as young as 6 years have worked in the tunnels.


Although Apple has a recycling and reuse program saving a lot of materials through the disassembly robots Liam. It saves, for instance, 55kg of Tin and 1.3 kg of gold from 100,000 used phones. So Apple saves their limited resources.  I would strongly recommend Apple to donate a bit of their profit directly to help its material supplying countries to make the working conditions improved and to give education opportunities to local children. This would help the mines get more efficient and safe without exploiting child labor.






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Blog Post (Art) Final

Blog Post (Art) Final

I have researched many cultures but nothing intrigued me like the Celtic people. So my Cultural Influence came from the Celtic people. The Celtic people have designs that overlap. I was convinced that my design will do the same so I chose Celtic. The overlap Looked cool and it was interesting since there is many overlapping things such as the Olympia mark or Audi mark and researching gave me many hints and reasons that were truly capable to satisfy my curious mind. Such as that the that audi mark was showing the tires of  the cars. Personal Interest is the Audi sign.  The Audi sign is in honour of my friend Shingetsu, who is a car fanatic. His favorite Car is also Audi and it interlocks and overlaps. In as sense two birds with one stone.

In this Unit I had many strengths and weaknesses. My strength that I think I did well is creating many unique Motifs. The Motifs were really complicated but had a interesting touch inside. My Motifs were all beutiful pieces of  work. They were designed to look awesome in the prints with the colors black and white in the possitive side. This symbols the olden times because in the olden times the Tv where black and white. (I love old Tv shows.) Since I can only pick one I choose my favorite. (It also had the highest score).  I also had many weaknesses. Such as adding to much ink. I practised many times to print because I added to much ink causing  the negative side to have ink(That is a bad thing because the Negative side will print and it isn’t supposed to)   My biggets weakness was the carving since I cut to deep causing holes in the end, this caused sometimes dangerous situation when I added to much ink that it will go on the table. Also there are things that are poorly cut that makes the interlocking not perfect. I am really satisfied with my current Culture Idea.  The Interlocking is still interesting and has plenty of rooms to explore. My Personal Intrest will change to my favorite things such as the moon which is my favorite thing in the world since it gives moon light for us which is way beautiful then sunlight. It could also become a beautiful stars since they have many stories and record history. ( Stories are intresting and give me the thrilling feeling of freedom) The project is succesful and I would really change only minor things such as changing the audi sighn to something else. Like a Delta Sign because I love the Greeks and the Delta sign represents the Greeks to me.

My color was black and white. This symbols like I mentioned above the olden times. (I love old movies/Tv shows) It also contrasted really well. A few weaknesses of my artwork was the middle.  The drawing was already hard and when craving drawing circles that are completely even. In the end they were not all completely even and the sign was incredibly hard to regonise.  I would change the artwork because the artwork was full of so many ideas there was no space for big circles. A strength was the straight lines because they were straiht and somewhat even and you could see them clearly without many problems. The interlocking is close to perfect since there is only few things that are not interlocking. The only part that was not interlocking  enough was the triangles on the top and bottom.  My color plan was actually a cross of white and the rest black. But since I wasn’t paying attention(I regret it) I made a mistake and needed to compromise. The artwork still has a cross but the cross is like Switzerland flag and not the X that I need.