Design Specification

This Myth- Story book is going to be successful because…

  • The Book is going to durable
  • The Book is going to look Cool
  • The Book ¬†is 3D
  • The Book is going to have Pop out Pictures
  • Illustration looks realistic
  • Eye-Catching Words and Pictures
  • Uses Cool Characters
  • Scary Funny Monsters and Evil Kings
  • You can relate to real life
  • Has a awesome morale
  • Uses Material not usually used.

How to build?

  • ¬†Step 1 Use Thick Papers and Comfortable and thin Card Board to make it Durable.
  • Step 2 Use Tissues and a big book cover to make it look old.
  • Step 3 Learn Pop-Out Origami to make pictures look interesting
  • Step 4 Funny Materials
  • Step 5 Build Scary Monsters.

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