INS 8 “I believe…” August 20th 2018

I believe…

  • right now that there is no god, no afterlife. I think you will compost and become nature.
  • that the government has the power right now in the world not the pope.
  • that everything that happens can be scientifically proven, just with enough resources poured into it.
  • that people should not waste their time in praying everyday and enjoy their short life of 79 years
  • that in future that people will live longer than 79 years,  this proven by this statistics in last 100 years
  • that no one can prove god or no one can prove afterlife, this because its in another realm impossible to breach.
  • that religions are usually around diffrent countries, example: Christans are usually around Europe
  • that people that fear death should rely on religion to shoulder their fears
  • I believe that their cant be peace with many diffrent religions contradictings eachother.
  • people should be open to new ideas

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