Visual Art Reflection – Printmaking

The Successes and Weaknesses of my Print

I think the some of the most successful parts of my Print is it having a lot of motifs from my personal interest, it having a little bit of symmetry, and it showing my personal interest well. I think those are the most successful things because it shows people how much I like Overwatch, that I like Overwatch, and making things symmetrical makes the motif cooler. When drawing and carving I had a lot of empty space or thought I could improve my motif so I either added more personal interest symbols or made random symbols to fill the space. I think some of the worst things about my motif is that the physical copy has cuts where it needs to be printed, I didn’t put enough cultural influences, and I didn’t put a lot of things that makes the motif interlock. The print can not be altered after it’s cut so I can’t change it. I also can’t change the motif’s design so these are all problems I can’t solve. I added a few motifs but they were all from one personal interest.


Interlocking and Colour unity

When interlocked my motif makes a square on all the edges of the motif. I haven’t interlocked my motif so I don’t know how well it interlocks. I could’ve tried to make more interlocks but I didn’t because I kept adding motifs to my print and couldn’t fit much more on it. For my colour plan, I chose a simple black background and white ink for five out of the nine prints interlocked and switched the colour placement for the other four prints. The reason I chose black and white is because those are my favourite colours and contrast each other well. I also chose black and white because it made the print look cool.



Before this unit, I drew things that didn’t look 3d unless they were shapes. When I learned gradation, highlighting and making shadows, I found my 2nd portrait much more 3d than my first. Gradation, highlighting and making shadows is really important when trying to draw 3d because if you don’t show those things, your picture looks 2d. Highlighting helps people figure out where the most light is and shadows show were it is darkest.


The two things I would change in my portrait would be adding a background and having a different expression. A background is always nice to have and can give a person an idea of who you are. For example, if you draw a back yard with balls, sticks, and bats, it shows the person looking at your portrait that you like sports. I had a boring expression on my face and it didn’t show anything about me. If I were to make another portrait, I would be smiling instead of just staring at the camera to show that I’m a laid-back person and not some guy who doesn’t like anything.


The 2 words that describe me are:

Tolerant and Thinker

I think these words are a good description of me because I was tolerant when I made mistakes or had to keep erasing things that didn’t look right. Most of the feedback I got was about how my eyes weren’t the right shape and that my highlights weren’t light enough. I spent an entire class fixing my highlights and that took a lot of patience. I was a thinker when I  tried finding the shapes of the shadows to draw. For example, when I did the shadows on my neck, I always made shapes of the shadows to make it easier for me to draw the shadows. It took a few tries for each of my shadows but my technique payed off.

Final drawing

My Final Reflection

I think the story was interesting  and that the boat appealed to the first graders. Every kid that read my book, liked the story and my physical book. I would change what parts of the story I drew and make the boat sturdier. Only one of my drawings were appealing to the first graders and I had to hold up my book to make sure it didn’t fall over.  I would also try to make the book more understandable to the first graders. Some words they didn’t understand such as ‘Oracle’ and ‘Minotaur’.

My Reflection


I made a book about Theseus and the Minotaur in the shape of a boat for the first graders.  I have learned that for next time I should use a more stable material than a pencil for a sail holder and that I should make a bigger boat for a bigger book so I can make the words easier to read. Finding the materials for the boat and the sail was super easy. Something really hard was making the boat and keeping the sail up straight. I have an awesome looking book and an interesting story but the sail is easy to tip and my book has a lot of words in it.  If I was to make another version of this I would make the boat bigger, have a stronger base, have a stronger material for the sail holder, and use clear tape. Making this book taught me more about building things with popsicles sticks and writing. I think it’s pretty good. The book and the story are both interesting.


Book creation


Today I finished my book. Here is the pictures of my process making it. I will check my design specification later to see if I accomplished my steps for a successful book. The First picture shows the body of my ship book. The next picture shows my first drawing of the king of Athens going from his kingdom to the next. The next one is the buried sword and sandals. The last picture is of my finished book.


  1. I need the font size twenty each.
  2.  I need it large enough for first graders to read it.
  3.  I’ll need to explain further on the villains I talk about.
  4.  I will also need interesting pictures.
  5.  I need a hook
  6.  I need the book to be small enough for the first graders to hold.
  7. I could also make models
  8.  I need to tell more about the minotaur.
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