Japanese Intro


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Grade 7


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Grade 7

Unit 2 Art Reflection


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In unit 2 I have been good at interlocking parts of my design together. For example, I had 3 types of interlocking on one design and 4 on another. Also I think that if I put random personal influences, culture influences and creative thinking then my desins would be worse but I made a soulution, I would have a theme for my design. For example, when I made my first desighn I had an amarican theme because all of my influences came from amarica. Also I had another design that the theme was all things that I like to do in Japan. I had trouble working on when I was wrighing my annotations I did not wright what kind of creative thinking, I also forgot it on the test. So, so I should try to renember all of the things that I put in my sketchbook. I could Improve my culture influence by adding more then just a plane cross. For example I could ad a dove to the top of it to have more interlocking and take up more space. I could improve my personal influence by making the basket ball bigger because it is hard to see from far away.


For interlocking, I felt that I did a great job. I measured if my interlocking was accurate and it was. For example, my waves were exacly 1 and 1/2 centimeters and the waves meet interlock at the exact same spot 3 times. My interlocking made new shaps alot. For exapmle, I made the 4 corners of my desighn look like triangls but when they all interlock together they creat on throwing star. Another example is when I put on half of a cross on one side and and the a other half of a cross on another and to gether it will make one big cross. I chose the orange and bule colors bucause they are complimentary colors to another. I chose orange because it was the color of a basketball (witch is on my design) and it was my favorite color. I chose blue because it is is the colors of waves (witch is on my design) and it reminds me of the felling “hope”. I also chose yellow and purple bucause they are complimentary colors to another. I chose yellow because it symbolizes positivity and in the bible it reprosents fire which is the power of God. I chose purple because it symbolizes wisdom and mistery. I think when you put positivity and wisdom together you can achive alot. My colors are unified because they are all complimentary colors to another. Also I only used 2 paper colors and 2 ink colors. And finaly, all of the colors mean somthing to me and my influences.




Art Unit 1 Refection


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I learned a lot of strategies to make the shadows look more realistic like how to use graduation and values well. I felt when I used gradation and values well and the eyes, nose and mouth we did at the beginning of the year that I could make expressions that looked very realistic (and 3D). One part at the beginning that helped me a lot throughout the unit was when we drew two lines down the middle of the page so we could know where to put our eyes, nose and mouth. If  the 2 lines were not there I would probably put the eyes in the wrong position.


If I had to do this project again with all the knowledge I know now, I would change the details in my eyes because one pupil is darker, bigger and in the wrong position. I also think this because I did not shade my eyes in enough. I also think that my hair could have more detail and could look more shiny at the light parts.


I think two words that were “learning words” to me are communicator and curiosity. I chose communicator because I had to ask for constructive feedback from my classmates for example I asked Polina if my nose was in the right position and she showed me that my nose was to far up so I moved it down and I think that it looks a lot better. I chose curiosity because I wanted to always learn new thing and ask question for example I wanted to learn how to draw my mouth better so I went in to open studio and watched some videos and asked the teacher for tips and my friends for feedback and then it tuned out well because the lighting on it looked very realistic.

Pet Care Center Parts 1 and 2


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Bryant And Jack Japanese Work: Family Life


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Myth Reflection


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My myth is called “The Golden Touch” and it is about a king that gets the power to touch everything in his kingdom and it would turn to gold. I the end he doesn’t want it anymore because now he know he should be thank full for what you have.

When I shared my with the first graders I thought I should make an myth that is easy to listen to and “The Golden Touch” was perfect because it is easy to listen to, funny and it has a good life lesson, it is do’t be greedy and be thankful for what you have.

I thought I did good at speaking clearly and loudly so it was easy for the kids to get what is going on in the story. Also I think I did good on my expressions were funny and entertaining so the kids were more into the story.

Next time I should work on my drawings because they “need improvement” and the kids were looking more at the pictures then listing to the story.




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Here are my final pictures for my book! (for English)

My last step was to finish hot gluing my book.


Finished my Book Yay!!!


All the pages are glued in and ready to read!




The book I made is called the Golden Touch and it is used just like a normal book we use today. It was very hard though to cut out the cardboard and punch holes in them so next time I will make the book less thick. It was easy to find a good myth because there are lots of goods myths so next time I should find a myth that is not as popular so people can learn a new lesson. My myth is very fragile so I think that is what I should work on making it more sturdy next time. The loops holding the pages together tend to open, so I would figure out a way to secure them. Next time I should make my book smaller so my words fit the whole page or next time I will make the font bigger (even though my teacher really liked the way it fit!). I learned about the design cycle and how to use it and next time I should do more research and planning.



Pictures (for English)


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I have all my supplies ready!


The front cover design.



My illustrations took a lot of time.


My last step was to finish hot gluing my book.



Developing ideas


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Book Ideas for Design Specification:                                          (For English)

  • At least 3 pictures
  • Gold Front
  • Funny parts
  • Big font
  • Funny Voices
  • Lots of yellow
  • Staples or yarn binding
  • Short story
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