Science Research at the DR (Democratic Republic) of the Congo



T opic sentence

A clear outline of what the paragraph will be about.

Use keywords and phrases from the question.

Should be only one sentence long.

Should be the first sentence in the paragraph.

E laboration

Expand on the topic sentence.

What more information does your reader need before you dive into your examples?

1-2 sentences

E xample

Supporting  details (facts, quotations, statistics) to back up your topic sentence.

E xplanation

Explain how the example supports your main idea. 2-4 sentences.

This quotation shows/demonstrates…

Identify a word or phrase from the quotation the proves your ideas are true.

L ast/linking sentence

Relate your paragraph idea back to the question or main idea OR link it to the next paragraph.

Restate your topic sentence




T opic sentence

In this one of the dangerous conflict zone in the world a lot of people mine Gold, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten (3 T’s) for our technology, they are risking their life starting at child to an adult mining everyday with countless work hours no proper food poor paycheck bad place to live and for woman’s they can easily get sexualy harrased.

E laboration

In Congo the population has a short life expectancy since they live and work in a extremely dangerous place including mafia’s and lethal weapons and not a safest place to work as a 12 or 11 years old or lower. So every time you buy yourself an iphone just because your friends has a new one your making the population at Congo work facing life and death.

E xample

There was this woman that was walking home with her flower to feed her kids but while going home there was a man pointing a gun at the woman she thought she was going to be shot and murdered but instead she got raped. This explains that DR Congo is really dangerous you definitely won’t want to live there because you won’t be able to eat and drink good things. Since it is really easy to catch a disease it is really dangerous for children to live there you also have no money so you won’t be able to go to the doctors.   

E xplanation

Overall the population in congo has a very poor lifestyle and fighting for life and death mining. Buying iphone or any electricity is making kids mine in a dangerous place where you don’t want to be.

L ast/linking sentence

This can explain why congo is place that no one wants to go and that Iphone that you have perhaps made made the kids die in congo.




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“Life Expectancy at Birth, Total for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” FRED, 18 Sept. 2017,








T opic sentence

In the conflict zone in democratic republic of the Congo is a place where a lot of people get murdered often with countless hours and low payment.

E laboration

There is a lot of people living in congo that needs to work sometimes for 24 hours straight. They have a really hard time living there because sexual assault happens constantly along with murder, when people live they need food and water to be able to move and work however since they don’t usually get paid they usually have to eat grasses etc.  

E xample

Congo being one of the worst country that you can live at is true because approximately half children under five are stunted. There is children’s working at the age of 12 and they work hard but they won’t get paid well meaning there is not enough money for them to eat and buy things. If you look at their house you know that they don’t have any money and they are desperate for it, when you don’t have money can’t buy anything. For example food, water, every day materials.

E xplanation

This can explain why people in congo is really struggling and working to death every day without getting paid the right amount. The population around congo perhaps will not think about it but children’s and adults are working not knowing when they die just because you wanted a new Iphone. It is really easy to catch a skin disease/disease because they don’t get to eat properly and they mine at a really dangerous place.   

L ast/linking sentence

Your decision can save a lot of lives in congo by buying electronics or not, donate if you can for them because their child’s can’t live properly and end up living their whole life not how they wanted to be.



19 January 2015 — Photo © WHO/Christopher Black. “10 Facts About Hunger In Democratic Republic of Congo | WFP | United Nations World Food Programme – Fighting Hunger Worldwide.” UN World Food Programme, 19 Jan. 2015,


T opic sentence

Talking about getting new electronics not because you needed to might not help for the kids in congo because they are all working at the age of approximately 12 or lower.

E laboration

The population in congo is really desperate for food and water because they simply don’t have them since they do not get paid well. There is also an event that is called World Day Against Child Labor in june 12, according to UNICEF there is about 40,000 child’s working, they sometimes have a shift for 24 hours underground and most earn less than 2$ there is also a lot get paid half amount.

E Xample

There is a lot of organizations complaining that there is a lot of childs under 7 working without proper cloths to protect themselves, also to make things worse it is not special for children to get buried alive when they are mining. There is also childs working at the military trained to kill people if they try to escape. When childs mine they fight with hunger, thirst, risk of getting skin disease/ disease also with burning eyes because there is toxic red dust sneaking into their eyes.

E Xplana

Child labour is one of the hardest things to stop because some think that it is normal for childs to work along with adults. Child labour is terrifying if you think about it properly because they are forced to work for a long time if not their whole life in Congo. These chiles are not living a comfortable life with working a lot and not being able to eat, drink sleep. (main things)    

L ast/linking sentence

You might be able to save their lives by donating clothes, money, goods. Or maybe trying to use your iphone for a long time and not to buy every time.



(, Deutsche Welle. “Child Labor Still Rife in Democratic Republic of Congo | Africa | DW | 11.06.2017.” DW.COM,


Barbara Jones for The Mail on Sunday. “Child Miners Aged Four Living a Hell on Earth so YOU Can Drive an Electric Car: Awful Human Cost in Squalid Congo Cobalt Mine That Michael Gove Didn’t Consider in His ‘Clean’ Energy Crusade.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 6 Aug. 2017,


Unit 2 art refection

P.1Things that I did good

In this unit I feel like I have been doing good on my interlocking design and the ideas because from the others they said it looks very good and one even said it was the best one that he saw. From my effort you can see that there is a lot of details added in this picture and if you look closely you will be able to find that the line and the pattern behind the Lamborghini logo is outstanding. This design is also using negative space to make it look impressive for example if it did not have any negative space it would not be a design and the design will not be good enough. I have added a lot if personal interest in to really appeal my feeling towards Lamborghini. I also feel good on carving the plate well because when I did the test print it was perfect meaning that it the print transfer to the paper well. I feel like my design will match any color if the back ground was black because the pattern and the shape balances the shape well to make the perfect design. When I always struggled I always came up with a solution for example asking my friends or using a thicker carving tool to not waste my time carving in a thin carving tool and kept going, that is my best thing that I was really proud of my self.

Things I need to improve (solution)

In design the design is interlocking however the design it’s self is not balanced. For my opinion if the design is interlocking it is good and I know the design is not suppose to be semetrical. Next time I would make this balanced by thinking about the center more. In this design I did not use my cultural influence that much because I did not have a lot of interest on it, in-fact I thought it was the best to show my personal interest. Since I rearly added my culteral influence I would improve on this by thinking about it more and making it the main thing. I think I would not improve on my personal influence that much because it was my main thing and I was appealing to the other a lot however since I only did my personal influence it was not balances with the cultural influence so next time I would let mr.reed to remind me to make it balanced. Also to use my creative thinking I can solve problems to make it balanced. Meaning I would like to add more of my Japanese motif design.

P2  Interlocking

My interlocking design is really interlocking because I measured where it will interlock with a ruler. When I put the design together the corners of the design makes a flower because the corners was like a leaf shape and if I combine them together it makes a flower shape I know this because I tied it on my paper at my house to see if it interlocks. I chose the color red and black Back ground because red on black stands out perfectly when I print with ink. I chose this color because they symbolise a powerful animal which is a bull and the car company called Lamborghini. They produce a car that has a lot of power and a bull has a lot of power to add to that if I add a color that symbolise a animal with a lot of power. I did not use polychromatic for my color plan. I did not use analogous colors because they will look similar and it will not look good in my design. I could not use complementary color since my back ground was black and on my color plan it said red on black. I did not use unity instead I chose my color random to make my design stand out.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

As you can see my self-portrait that I first drew was a disaster. However when I pushed my self and concentrated on my work It was a little bit more better. Before we were going to draw our selves we had to work on our nose mouth and eyes to make it look realistic. I had a feeling that I wanted to really make it realistic so I looked at the gradation and the value scale to make sure that it would look good. When we were really going to draw our selves I thought I got a second chance and I practiced A lot of times and the best part was communication. Since I was looking at my drawing thinking this looks good others thought a little bit different. So I decided to collaborate with my classmates and communicate with them. As I when through I was falling a little bit with my work so I organised my timetable and decided to go to open studio. I practiced a lot I worked hard to make it look three dimensional I added the shade, high lights, gradation, value. I aways remembered not to draw dark lines because it would look like a cartoon drawing. So over all practice and communication helped me a lot.

To make my drawing better there is going to be steps to do it. For my self-portrait I fell like I have to focus every single time because even though I am concentrated sometimes I get off track and I fell back with my work simply because me not focusing the whole time. I definitely need to take more time on high-lighting and blending because if I did my drawing would be more realistic and it would be three dimensional and since I couldn’t blend for a long time the lines looked a little bit dark meaning it would look more like a cartoon drawing.

Trough out this unit I think I am I communicator because in this unit when I thought that I needed to get some advice I asked my friends if there is none mistakes they said to me “you have to fix this part” and it really helped me because from my perspective it totally looked really good. However from my friends perspective the shape of my eye looked a little bit crumbled up. I was able to fix were I didn’t think I needed to because of my communication skills and my friends communication with me as well. Another word that I would use for this unit is risk taker because I didn’t know that steps to make my eye look good so I decided to do my best drawing the line. Although my friends said that eye looks a little bit dislocated I fixed it. I said to my self this is better than not trying. Since I made a bid mistake next I knew what to do to not make a big mistake. That is the reason why I called my self communicator and risk-taker.