Art Unit 1 Reflection

As you can see my self-portrait that I first drew was a disaster. However when I pushed my self and concentrated on my work It was a little bit more better. Before we were going to draw our selves we had to work on our nose mouth and eyes to make it look realistic. I had a feeling that I wanted to really make it realistic so I looked at the gradation and the value scale to make sure that it would look good. When we were really going to draw our selves I thought I got a second chance and I practiced A lot of times and the best part was communication. Since I was looking at my drawing thinking this looks good others thought a little bit different. So I decided to collaborate with my classmates and communicate with them. As I when through I was falling a little bit with my work so I organised my timetable and decided to go to open studio. I practiced a lot I worked hard to make it look three dimensional I added the shade, high lights, gradation, value. I aways remembered not to draw dark lines because it would look like a cartoon drawing. So over all practice and communication helped me a lot.

To make my drawing better there is going to be steps to do it. For my self-portrait I fell like I have to focus every single time because even though I am concentrated sometimes I get off track and I fell back with my work simply because me not focusing the whole time. I definitely need to take more time on high-lighting and blending because if I did my drawing would be more realistic and it would be three dimensional and since I couldn’t blend for a long time the lines looked a little bit dark meaning it would look more like a cartoon drawing.

Trough out this unit I think I am I communicator because in this unit when I thought that I needed to get some advice I asked my friends if there is none mistakes they said to me “you have to fix this part” and it really helped me because from my perspective it totally looked really good. However from my friends perspective the shape of my eye looked a little bit crumbled up. I was able to fix were I didn’t think I needed to because of my communication skills and my friends communication with me as well. Another word that I would use for this unit is risk taker because I didn’t know that steps to make my eye look good so I decided to do my best drawing the line. Although my friends said that eye looks a little bit dislocated I fixed it. I said to my self this is better than not trying. Since I made a bid mistake next I knew what to do to not make a big mistake. That is the reason why I called my self communicator and risk-taker.