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My unit 2 reflection on arts


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In this unit I have done well on my interlocking practice sheet because I have also put my personal interests which I put a star in because when I saw the roof of stars in Australia I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever and in cultural interest I put in wave lines from Japanese culture because I thought the wave lines were cool since it seemed infinite ,also I have done well on my designing the final motif design sketches because I have explained clearly about the reason why I have put it in my motif sketch.Besides my good skills in my motif sketches I think I should do better in something else like my carving skills which I made a lot of mistakes like carving it too deep which can cause a hole also I have rushed it and cause a scratch on some places,so the main point I should be careful is to have patience and don’t rush through my work.

My interlock through my work on my motif is interlocking but due to my rushing through the carving it may not interlock like I imagined it to be,but it can interlock.Also it cannot create a new shape because it interlock (mainly) which is same with also the inside of the motif is same.I wanted something that is dark with something a little lighter but dark and this is because of the dragon eye on the middle of the motif which shows how the dragon’s eye or the sharp eyes can watch you creepy.Also I chose the dragon because When I once read about a fiction book that had dragons and the picture,and it is also because I like to draw it”
.I did not chose my color plans random I have chosen with unified colors that matches each other.



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The most things that changed in my old drawing of my self portrait and the new portrait is that first I used different kinds of value that represents the shadow and the light.The second things that changed is that I have used gradation especially through out the shadows when the lights gradually changes to dark shadows.Also the last things I had used to make my self portrait better is borrowing people’s opinion to make my portrait better.

If I had a chance to draw a new self portrait I would like to scrub my paper lightly with a normal eraser since I had ruined the first one which resulted as a self portrait with an undone hair.Also I would like to use a right value of the pencil because the problem had started when I could not erase to mark of the pencil which resulted as a messy paper.

I have curiosity because I had never used different kind of  shapes of blending stump and different values of pencil which before ended up as a picture with lines, but as a went further it went to a good 3D self portrait.Also one more thing that came out of my curiosity is knowledge since I had learn new and different kinds of techniques that improved my self portrait.



Hello world!


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