Unit 2 Final Reflection


I’ve done well at transferring the final motif to the carving plate, because it is in near-perfect condition so far. And I’m proud of using the exact mathematic proportions for the pattern, because it made easier for me to get the pattern motif to interlock. My project isn’t void of weaknesses either. For example, for horses in my cultural interest I’d add mane-resembling spikes on their necks, in order to create a more impressive pattern. And for a personal interest, I could add horns to those horses, in order to indicate that my favorite show is ‘MLP:FiM’ which is about the unicorn student getting friends and solving problems with them.

As for the interlocking part, I don’t know yet how much accurate it is, but I hope it will turn out accurate enough. I’m sure that my interlocking creates new shapes, but I doubt it shall create a new pattern. Speaking of the color plan, I haven’t worked on it yet, but I’m sure that the top side’ negative space shall be white, middle side’s negative space shall be blue, and the bottom side’s negative space shall be red, while al the positive space shall be black. Those colors are unified, because together they create Russian flag, which is the symbol of the country I grew up in.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

I’ve learned to manipulate values in order to create 3D-looking face. In the beginning of semester, I could only draw 2-dimensional self-portrait, without any knowledge of gradation or how to use blending stump. Now, I can draw realistic face with all the shadows and highlights included. Also, I’ve learned to collaborate and ask for feedback more often. For example, I asked Karthik on how could I improve my nose. And he gave some very valuable feedback. I wouldn’t have achieved drawing a 3D face without asking feedback like I did.

Next time, I’d change two things. First, I’ll draw my face a bit smaller, so I could have more space for the unicorn in the background, because unicorns are some of my favourite animals. Second, I’d draw myself with the soccer player haircut, because that is my most favourite haircut.

I’d describe myself as cooperative and committed. First, I was cooperative, because I’ve been asking for feedback, and giving it too. Second, I was committed, because I’ve been coming to Open Studio, and concentrated entirely on drawing and refining my self-portrait in class, even though I’ve been unsuccessful at times.