Paragraphs Of Conflict Minerals

Paragraph one:

Ethical issues are a big problem, to show what’s right and what’s wrong. Some materials that are used in building laptops and computers or any other electron stuff that is silicon, gold, copper, uranium. All these minerals are conflict minerals, many people in Africa, to be more specific it’s in Congo or central Africa, are being forced to get this mineral. The problems start from slavery, sexism, and death, which is all depended on money. In the end, Ethical issues will affect many people in Congo because no one knows what is actually right or wrong.  


Paragraph Two:

Some of the impacts that affect us people are that most of us don’t actually know where the minerals for their phone, laptop, watch and other stuff come from. I also think that the impact that goes to the people that live in Congo because there are 6 years old kids who are mining and find minerals. Furthermore, some people have found out that the people in Congo are making children work, even though that they don’t have any experience. I think that the biggest impact is that most of the people don’t have rights and which starts a war and then slavery, racism, and others.  


Paragraph Three:

I think that the school should have a way of reusing their computer or laptops again because it helps the people in Congo, not a lot, but it does minimize the problem a bit. I also think that we as a school should do something about this problem that is happening in Congo, for example, young children working in areas that are dangerous. Also, many people don’t have rights, they only do work and listen(freedom). Furthermore, I think that the school should donate to the people a little amount of money so that some of the people who are working could get some food or water.



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