Myth Re-Telling Finale



My audience were the 1st graders. They didn’t really say any feedback but I could see that they didn’t have anything good to say because they only said that they enjoyed the part where Icarus falls to his death. They didn’t give me and Bryant any advice either.

They seemed to enjoy it because they were laughing and looking at the illustrations but also half of the time I think they weren’t listening because they were playing with the box instead.

If I were to do this again I would start with the binding first and figure out how to put the pages in the binding because this time I started with the pages and did all the decorations but then my binding became an Amazon box and it does not look good. It’s also hard to read the book because if the pages get mixed up it’s hard to know what page is the start and the ending. So 1. I would do the binding first 2. I would connect the pages. Something I would keep the same would be the material I used for the wings. I liked the fluff I used for the wings and the colours were good because it wasn’t neon coloured wings.

Art Reflection

 This is a picture of my final motif.

The idea of the clover is my cultural influence. I’m Irish and the clover is famous coming from Ireland and it is a lucky charm. The clover is very important for me because I’m from Ireland and I have family there and I miss them a lot. I’m half Irish so Irish culture is important to me. I chose the clover because clovers are pretty and they are easy to draw then complicated shapes. A clover isn’t a complicated shape but it still is a nice shape.The idea of the dog/wolf’s snout is my personal interest. Dogs are important to me because they are living creatures and they love you and love is incredibly important in our world. Dogs are so kind and caring that they bring out the best of people and I really treasure that. They are the most loyal animals and has been best friends with humans for a long time. I chose the snout to be behind the clover because it looks like the dog is smelling the clover and I thought that that would be cute.


The idea of the lines is my creative thinking but I kind of made it by accident. It could kind of be my cultural influence too. This one is interesting to me because it was very random but it kind of turned into a building. My friend and I looked at it together and I thought that it looked like bricks on a building but my friend said that it looked like a shrine. It’s really depends on what you think. Because of my friend now I think it looks like a shrine more than a bricked building.I did well on carving. When I printed it on first the clover wasn’t carved enough so I carved it again and then the clover is one of the best parts on the print. The extra lines look very cool on the black and white too.I had this problem where I put too much ink on the tray and the sound wouldn’t come out. My friend came and told me that I had too much ink on the tray and so I put back my paint and put less paint and┬áthat print was one of the best.Well one main thing I would like to change for this project is that I would like to use my other design because the sakura would’ve been nice on the print just like the clover. I would also like to use a thicker carving knife.I could change my cultural influence by using a very celtic shape. Like the Triquetra. The clover is Irish but if it’s the Triquetra it would be much more celtic and much more cultural. It would also be important to me because my grandmother in Ireland got me a Triquetra ring.I could change my personal interest by making it a object because I’m sure when people look at the print not many people know what the snout is unless I’m there explaining everything.


In my print I have straight lines. That was the bottom and top part where it interlocks. I had some carved lines for the dog’s snout and for the clover.I have green, black and white on my print. I chose black and white because I love those colours together. I didn’t know if black and green was going to look good together but it turned out that it was good together. I don’t really have special reasons I chose those colours though.My interlocking is pretty accurate because it connects neatly with the other patterns. I didn’t create a pattern because it kind of stays as just one long line.I followed my plan on my notebook but when I wrote down the colours it was kind of random. The green and black was because I saw a logo and it was really cool. Although the logo was really cool no matter what kind of colour it was. I thought maybe my print wouldn’t be cool because the design isn’t so cool but it turned out really well.



I will need:

  • Yellow or orange pom poms
  • Blue sequence
  • I will need dark coloured feathers
  • Colour pencils
  • Marker
  • Hard A3 paper
  • String
  • Origami/colour paper

The steps:


  • Fold the piece of paper
  • Staple the back so it can stay together
  • Stick the materials on the front cover write the title with the colour pencils
  • Draw all the illustrations needed
  • Write the story and put all the other materials needed
  • Then present it to the 1st graders