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November 28, 2017 - Uncategorized

Metals that we use

There are a lot of metals used in our phones like aluminum, Carbon, lithium, Tin, Gold, Iron, tantalum, and more. These metals that are used in our phones all have different uses. I will be explaining how and why aluminum and tin are used in our phones. Aluminium (Al) has an atomic number of 13 and an atomic mass of 26.98. It is a lightweight metal which is soft, bendable, strong, which is easy to recycle. Aluminium is used in the battery and the outside layer case for phones. The layer is 5 micrometers thick (or thin). Tin (Sn) has an atomic mass of 50 and an atomic number of 118.71. It is a soft and pliable metal, which from below 13°C, it slowly changes to a powder. It is used as a soldering agent and it is to fix the components in place.

These metals come from mines in Congo and Austrailia.These metals create many problems because the people that mine the metals aren’t treated properly, and many people die mining the metals for these phones. An article from Los Angelus Times states “Tin isn’t the only ingredient in an iPhone that’s obtained in ways that don’t quite match Apple’s ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’” I think that we need to think about the safety issues and human writes because people are putting their lives at stake just to get these metals for phone companies like Apple and Android. but in the end, they get paid poorly. Both kids and adults work hard to get these metals in inhuman conditions. After researching I thought that the companies like Apple and Android that make phones aren’t thinking about the workers who are in the most dangerous place. I think that they should make an order about the safety of the workers and the amount of money they get paid for working. Even though we can not do anything about the problem rate now, we can try to work around it for a better answer then just not using our phones.

I think that if everyone started to notice what’s happening around us we could think of more ideas such as donating to a charity or service group. This could help the people working in the mines because they could get food and an education which could help them get better jobs. 


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Your details about tin and aluminum are good; I think spreading awareness is a good idea. How will that change the bad conditions that adults and children work in?

I think you forgot to make MLA citations, and have the URL instead.


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