My Myth Reflection

Even though I had to remake my whole project half way through, I think it achieved its goal and was better than what my original project was! When I had to create a new project, I knew this was an opportunity for new ideas, stuff that I didn’t think of in the original. Therefore the whole addition of the actual painted box was a huge 1 up for the project, as the feedback from the First graders, said they really liked the addition. They also said they liked the Illustrations too!

There were a few things that I could have done better on, like how some words I used were too complicated for 1st graders, such as: Curiosity, Stress, and Eventually. In my opinion the crease where the pages folded kind of cut off some text, it was still readable.

Overall, I think it went well and the kids seemed to like it, Next time I will find a better way to put the pages together and try to use the vocabulary suitable for the audience.

My Design Specification For My Book

  • Catch the readers eye
  • Have the reader be able to relate to it
  • The audience is First grade (6 years old)
  • 8-10 pieces of Thick cardstalk thats A4
  • 3-4 Binding rings
  • Have glitter or shiny stuff for Pandoras Box to give a cool unique design/look
  • ill draw the images with marker, but make the box special on each
  • The paper has to have holes so the rings can go in to hold the papers in
  • Have big text so Its easy for first graders to read
  • Easy/simple grammer so its easy for first graders
  • Make sure that the pages are easy to flip



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