Visual Art Unit 2 Final Reflection

Paragraph 1 – Strengths & Weaknesses

I’m Really proud of how my design came out with all its features and am excited to see it interlock on all sides and I’m really glad about how the mixtape came out and it better than I thought because I thought all the little details would be hard to carve but they weren’t as hard as I suspected. Measuring it out again to have my Personal interest and Cultural Interest bigger to take up that negative space and stand out. For my Projects Weakness, I think my cultural Influence could have been stronger because some people had a cross to represent Jesus Christ and that gives a lot of meaning, while I just did a Maple Leaf which represents and means a lot to me but maybe other people don’t understand. For my Personal Influence, I think I designed it well but I don’t think I needed Two Personal Intrest and one would have made it complete enough, and despite my carving for the mixtape working out, I started carving the negative space!! Only for the mixtape but it could have been much worse if I started carving more, I should be more careful when carving and planning because I had the wrong Idea of what the guidelines for carving were, I was able to solve problems and I’m glad I did!

Paragraph 2 – Interlocking & Color Unity

I think I did well on my interlocking skills because My personal interest and Creative influence both interlocked throughout, My corners would all interlock to make a personal interest and a new shape with shapes inside and gives somewhat of a pattern and my sides would also interlock and it looks good on the printing. For my Colour Unity bright and eye-catching colours which also are the colours of a movie poster I particularly like and I also put them in a pattern that doesn’t necessarily mean anything but is meant to show Unity in a cross pattern of My Light Blue and Crimson Red, that would interlock of we did a larger scale.`



Unit 1 Final Reflection Blog Post – Visual Arts

Question Paragraph 1 

Before Unit 1, I would always Draw 2D Like figures (Super Heroes) But After Unit 1 I found the Importance of  Shadows and using gradation Gradation and using it properly aswell, Using Different Values In Gradation  Is important because it can make your drawing more 3D because its using a larger scale (value) of Lighting , making it more realistic on the darker and lighter spots on your face and really make a difference.

Question Paragraph 2

One of the things I would do differently would be to add colour! It may be harder but would possibly look more realistic and Colourful, It would just be something fun to try an expirement that id like to do. Another thing I would change is My expression, Not only does it not represent my regular personality but I think maybe it was too easy to capture and would be cooler if i did some other expression to try, I saw other peoples drawings when communicating for feedback  and most of them had their mouth open or something more expressive, which I think wouldve been better to try.

Question Paragraph 3

My 2 Learning Words that best describe me:                                              Risk-Taker  AND Cooperation


I think these words best describe me for this Unit because I think there were some times when I took risks, My first drawing was at the Lighting stage until I accidentally ripped the paper! I possibly could have shaded over it but I decided to Start again, In the end I was glad I did because I think It turned out better then what It could have been and I finished on time. Most of the feedback I got for my Start-Over drawing was that my eyes didnt look accurate to my drawing and didnt capture the expression enough, So I had to redo them multiple times to get it just right, especially the eye on the shaded side, I think It turned out better and of course Im glad I did it!



Sometimes I dont think I was confident enough on my drawing, especially on my 2nd One because I thought I hadnt had enough time to finish so I was nervous. I relied on my peers feedback to help me improve my drawing and Give me ideas so I would use Cooperation alot and would also give feedback to who ever asked. In “Why I Chose RISK-TAKER” I talked about how the feedback I got was I should redo my eyes because they didnt capture the look on the photo and im very glad I did ask for feedback because the eye improvement really made a difference for me.Final Drawing

My Myth Reflection

Even though I had to remake my whole project half way through, I think it achieved its goal and was better than what my original project was! When I had to create a new project, I knew this was an opportunity for new ideas, stuff that I didn’t think of in the original. Therefore the whole addition of the actual painted box was a huge 1 up for the project, as the feedback from the First graders, said they really liked the addition. They also said they liked the Illustrations too!

There were a few things that I could have done better on, like how some words I used were too complicated for 1st graders, such as: Curiosity, Stress, and Eventually. In my opinion the crease where the pages folded kind of cut off some text, it was still readable.

Overall, I think it went well and the kids seemed to like it, Next time I will find a better way to put the pages together and try to use the vocabulary suitable for the audience.

My Design Specification For My Book

  • Catch the readers eye
  • Have the reader be able to relate to it
  • The audience is First grade (6 years old)
  • 8-10 pieces of Thick cardstalk thats A4
  • 3-4 Binding rings
  • Have glitter or shiny stuff for Pandoras Box to give a cool unique design/look
  • ill draw the images with marker, but make the box special on each
  • The paper has to have holes so the rings can go in to hold the papers in
  • Have big text so Its easy for first graders to read
  • Easy/simple grammer so its easy for first graders
  • Make sure that the pages are easy to flip