French coat of arms reflection

As seen in the photo this is my coat of arms. I made my coat of arms with orange and blue because they are bright and recognizable colors and the wall. My motto is Le basket-ball est égal à la vie (Basketball is equal to life) because personally I agree on that and i think it suits my coat of arms. Usually the coat of arms have 2 lions on each side but I changed mine to Stephen curry because he is related to basketball and he is my favorite player. In the middle of my coat of arms I have the sign of my favorite team golden state warriors. It is very clear that I am a huge basketball fan and I love the sport so that’s why I chose it as my main theme in my coat of arms. I think that this project was really fun and interesting and I hope we do an activity like this in the future.

Art Unit 1 Reflection

I think that my learning in art class helped me a lot because before coming to art class I used to draw cartoons and couldn’t draw realistic. After coming I learned about shadows, highlights, gradation and many more. I used the tips that Mr. Reed gave me like “Why don’t you add more highlights here” or “add a little shadow near the eye” and some other tips. Using these tips my realistic drawing skills got so much better and my drawing improved so much. I also found out that a blending stump is very useful for me to bend the lines on my drawing and also adding shadows and highlights make your drawing look more three-dimensional.

If I did this unit again there are some things I would like to change, such as changing my expression for my photo because I was just smiling in this one but maybe next time I could change it too a smirk it would be a little different to draw. Another thing I want to change is if I had a little more time I could have worked on close details for my hair because I think that there was not much detail. If I spend more time on hair I could have made it more realistic and look like actual hair.

2 words I chose to describe myself this unit is collaboration and reflective. I was collaborator because I asked advice from many people and they gave some good tips and I was talking with everyone to make my drawing best as possible. I also was a reflector because after each class I thought if I did good progress and did I use my time well.

Overall I think that this is was a great unit for me because I always wanted to draw a realistic self portrait and I think I did a pretty good job.