Conflict Mineral Blog Post


What are some minerals used in an iPhone? These are some of the minerals that are used in an iPhone. Some materials that are used on your phone are Tin, Aluminium, Carbon, Silicon, Copper, Cobalt, Gallium, Arsenic, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold. These are some of the elements used in an iPhone. There might be some more elements used but these are the main. Tungsten is used to help your iPhone vibrate, Aluminium is used to keep your phone together. It  Is also used on the outer cover of the iPhone 6 and 7 series. Gold is used in the wiring of your phone. Cobalt is used in the batteries in your phone. Some of these materials are from conflict zones for example Cobalt. Apple says it’s trying to stop getting materials from these places but there has not been much change. I think that with how much money Apple is earning a year($46.9 billion), it should at least use some of it for resolving these conflicts and helping the workers there. Even if they spend 1% of their yearly income, It would make a big difference for many people who live in the harsh conflict zones.

These materials I talked about right now some of the parts that are on an iPhone.


Now, What are some of the problems in the conflict zones? Congo is filled with so many minerals but there are also many conflicts.Some of the conflicts that are happening in the conflict zones such as Congo are Murder, Rape, Human trafficking, Child Labour. These are some of the conflicts going on in the Republic of Congo. There are so many people in Congolese Camps who work for more than 12 hours a day to earn less than 8 pence a day. The Time’s news says that they found kids young as 4 years old working in these mines separating Cobalt from stone. None of the workers wears protective gear. Scientist say that Cobalt Is very bad for your body and can affect your life expectancy.This is happening because people want to work for many even if it’s very little. Sometimes due to human trafficking, the army forces people to work or they get killed. They sell what the miners work hard for less price so big companies like Apple would buy it.     

There are so many conflicts going on the next paragraph will be about solutions to these problems


There are so many conflicts going on the next paragraph will be about solutions to these problems.In this paragraph, we will be talking about some solutions to these problems.

  • Some solutions to this are to take donations from all around the world and use it on buying protective gear and giving more money to the people living there. They could use the money to build sanitation systems and food for the people working in the mines.
  • Another solution is to make the government more stable. It is going to be hard to make the government uncorrupt.
  • One other solution is for people to be careful in the factories in other countries where big-name companies such as Apple and Samsung buy their resources. They can be careful with smuggling and tighten the security

These are 3 of the solutions I have come up with. I know that it is going to be incredibly hard to make the Congolese government uncorrupted but that is will work the most. With the Congolese government uncorrupted, they will try to make the country a better place for the people working and will try to make the workers have a better working place and a better life. The other solutions would work and is easier but I think that the idea which will work the most is to somehow make the Congolese government uncorrupted.

I think that the conflict mineral zone issue is very important and the world should be more mindful and know that there are so many people who work for more than 12 hours a day to earn less than 8 pence a day to make the iPhone that people use. Some people as soon as a new iphone is made, they throw their old iPhone which would still be just a 1 or 2 years old. Instead, they should sell to recycling shops which will help so many people out there in Africa. I hope Unicef takes serious action against this matter and let’s try to do as much as we can to help.