Reflection on myth book

This is my last reflection on my myth book.

Something that went well in this project was that the first graders were really engaged with myth story. They were concentrating on my book and asked questions like Where is this story from, or were does this take place. I was really happy to see the first graders engaged in my book.

Next time I would like to change the book from a 2d normal book to a 3d or pop out book. Why, because people will become shocked to see drawing pop out from the page and I think they will be even more engaged. I had lots of fun reading the book to the first graders. I had lots of fun and I hope the first graders had fun too.




English book making Evaluation

I think that I did  really good job on my english book.

I really liked my myth and how I designed my book.

A part I want to improve on next time is that to make the font easier for 1st graders to read. An easy font people can read is Trebuchet MS or Arial.

I also want to improve my drawings to be more sophisticated and detailed. Next time I will learn to draw a little better for example drawing the face shape more accurately and making the eyes look realistic.

I really like the background for my story page and the page looks old. This will make it so that the 1st graders will think that it was made long ago.

Some difficulties I had during this project was the drawing because at first my drawings were really bad so I had to redo them again and again until I got them good.

I think I used my time effectively and did not waste that much time.WAt first I didn’t get much done, but after I got the idea of my book, I finished it really fast. This shows me that when I am focused and have a good plan, I can complete tasks well.

The only thing I am worried about is that the 1st graders will break my book.

I really enjoyed this project and I am pretty sure the first graders will like it.

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