French coat of arms reflection

As seen in the photo this is my coat of arms. I made my coat of arms with orange and blue because they are bright and recognizable colors and the wall. My motto is Le basket-ball est égal à la vie (Basketball is equal to life) because personally I agree on that and i think it suits my coat of arms. Usually the coat of arms have 2 lions on each side but I changed mine to Stephen curry because he is related to basketball and he is my favorite player. In the middle of my coat of arms I have the sign of my favorite team golden state warriors. It is very clear that I am a huge basketball fan and I love the sport so that’s why I chose it as my main theme in my coat of arms. I think that this project was really fun and interesting and I hope we do an activity like this in the future.

Prépare-toi pour l’examen answers

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1.Je deteste la bande dessiner

2. Jaim’e regarde la téle

3. j adore etudier

4. j adore dormir

5. j adore les frites


Q2: Tell whether these sentences are a) logical or b) illogical.

1. Sarah adore jouer aux échecs. Elle ne joue jamais aux échecs.  DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

2. Caroline aime manger. Elle préfère manger au café. IT MAKES SENSE

3. Pascaline ne joue pas au base-ball. Elle n’aime pas le base-ball IT MAKES SENSE

.4. Sylvestre nage souvent. Il déteste nager IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE

5. Farida adore les romans et les bandes dessinées. Elle n’aimepas lire. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE