Question 1:

Explain your strengths?


  • What did you do very well?


What I think I did very well was coming up with design ideas (the two main ones).The reason I think I did well at coming up with the design ideas is because I did not rush and put lot of thought into the work. I believe that I put a bit more effort into the 1 motif because that one is the one I chose in the end. I think it look better than the second one.


  • What ideas and solutions are you proud of ?


The idea/solution i  am proud of is writing the Japanese Kanji of fire instead of actually drawing fire. I had found that when i  would draw fire the lines would be to things and could not be carved, so to solve my problem i  chose to write it because then it would show three things.

It would show my personal interest my cultural interest and my creative thinking.

Explain your projects weaknesses?


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Question 2:


I think that my carving can interlock well because made sure at the end the sides would all aline. I had found out that the swords were not in line. This happened because I had copied the design from the book exactly.


My interlocking did not create any new shapes by interlocking because the interlocking only make a sword and Kanji of fire .

Colour Unity

I chose Black & White because they both are famous colour and are some of my favourite colours and I choose black and blue because they stand out

I believe that the Blue and Black will make square blacks that will make it look unified and all the White and Black make a giant + signs to make it look unified.  





Fertility is the process of a sperm and eggs meet.It is important to be fertile because if you aren’t you will need to take medication or have a surgery. 

Men and women have different causes of infertility. The most common issue in men is when the semen/ sperm quality is not good and that is when the process of IVF helps the man.The most common problem in women is sexualy transited dizeses like  STi’s and chlamydia.One way to cure infertility is IVF. IVF is the process where the egg and sperm meet outside the body because of the strength and quality of the sperm or egg then it is implanted back into the woman’s womb.Another way people chose to do it is to take the the egg and sperm out and let it grow outside the mother’s bodyIUI is a process where the sperm is put into the woman’s womb by a plastic tube which passes through the cervix .Sperm will be collected then it will become a fluid. The chances of becoming pregnant increases when you take a fertility medication when having an IUI.If a couple has an infertility problem, they may be able to receive eggs or sperm from a donor to help conceive. Treatment with donor eggs is usually carried out using IVF.All these solutions have side effects like a underdevelopment and other anomalies. A cause of infertility can also be because of too much stress, or drinking too much.

“Promoting Pregnancy Wellness.” American Pregnancy Association. American Pregnancy Association., 27 Apr. 2017. Web. 27 Apr. 2017.


QUESTION 1 :How did your learning help you improve and draw more realistically?

I think learning new art techniques the help me a lot, first of all I learnt how to use value and gradation to give the effect of it being three-dimensional because of the contrast(Highlight/Shadows) it made my face just like a realistic face would look. In the eyes,nose and mouth I practiced many times but I failed making the correct size or maybe the shape was too big but many thing went wrong .But I was persistent to do well so practised a lot at open studios. to do that I had to organise my time in the mornings. this help; me a lot since that is the only reason

QUESTION 2 :What two things would you do differently to make your drawing better?

Next time I would focus and concentrate more in class because many times I would get distracted and go to talk to friend and that did not help me at all. I Would also communicate and collaborate with my peers to understand where I needed to use a blending stump where I needed to use a 8B pencil. I believe that doing this would help me solve my own problems. To remind myself many times I sit down and listen to music to stop my temptation to join into conversations.


QUESTION 3 :Which two learning words describe you as an artist best in this unit ?

Enthusiasm because I try to be happy to learn more ways to make my face look better an example is when I had found out that if you use the sides of you pencil it will be easier to blend.

Committed because I came many mornings to work on my drawing even though I was not required to, many times MR.Reed would come and help find the position of things and how they should be made.

BEFORE                                                              AFTER


THANK YOU MR.REED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Future grade six students.

I am giving advice for the water unit that you are going to learn in I&S and SCIENCE.  first of all to be kind to your partner . One  thing I really liked doing this project was how to clean water and researching about Dubai. We learned many of methods to clean water. If you find a site that has many words, read it all the way thought because they have the most information. The big mistake I made not gathering enough information to make a good site. Make sure you do you share of work, don’t make your partner do all the work. This were all my advices for this water unit


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Advice to the Future Grade 6

My advice to future 6th grader is to get great strong evidence and the get your layout perfect so at the end you should only have to copy.

Children from many countries have read Roald Dahl’s stories, readers love his the story lines and remember them for a long time. Roald Dahl is a great author because of the stories he creates and the characters he portrays in his stories and is considered above average author because he also describes characters in many ways readers can empathise with and relate to them. Roald Dahl is a impressive author because he makes up new words and plays with them, but readers still know what he means. Reading Roald Dahl books gets people to think about themselves and understand what others have to deal with in life.

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