Unit 1 Final Reflection Blogpost

In art class, I learned about how to draw a black and white three dimensional self portrait. I learned that first, you will want to write the head, nose, eye and mouth. When you draw it, you will have to be careful of shape and the placement. You have to be careful with the shape of your face parts (eyes, nose, mouth) otherwise it might not look like yourself. I learned that you need to use shadows and highlights to make the value of the parts different. Than you have to start using a blending stump to blend the picture’s colors so the colors turning into another color looks natural.

I learned that focusing and practicing helps a lot in art class so you can get as much work done as possible. I learned that art class can be for collaborating because we often communicate and ask friends to check if the shadow, highlights, shape and the placement correct so at the end, it will look like you. I learned that focusing and concentrating on drawing the self portrait is not easy. You will have to manage yourself so you are focusing on the task.

I learned that drawing a selfportrait needs different skills. There is concentrating and focusing, collaboration and problem solving. You have to concentrate because you want to do as many things done but if you don’t focus on the task, you might not be done with your picture. You need collaboration because if you ask your friends, you might find mistakes that you didn’t see. Problem solving is important because you will need to find a solution to your problem. It might be hard but you can ask your friends so they can help you.


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