How can Science Help Human Reproduction?

Fertilization is when a male gamete (sperm) and a female gamete (egg) meet. When more people stop becoming fertile, the population of humans will decrease and that could lead to a big problem. Some couples have problems with becoming pregnant because of poor sperm quality. That can be helped by doing IVF which is when the egg and the sperm meet outside of the woman’s body. Using fertility drugs can greatly increase the chance of a woman to get pregnant. What the fertility drugs do is that it will increase the amount of eggs put in the ovary. That will also increase the chance of getting twins and triplets which those babies can be underweighted. You can choose to stop having children and still have sex, you can choose to take an oral contraceptive. Although there are some side effects to the woman such as weight, mood and blood pressure. These solution can affect the environment because there will be more people and that can be a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is that it will take more resources from the earth.


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