Monthly Archives: June 2017


I think I did well on creating ideas for the planning because I made one topic fit into the final design so it all connects. For example, in the first one, I used simming, waves and rain which all connect to each other with water. I am proud of creating two completely different types of designs. For example, one is about nature and sports but the second one is more modern and about a things I like to do in my spare time. I can improve my cultural influence by explaining more about why that motif relates to me. I can improve my personal interests by adding different designs for that personal interests. For example, I included a person swimming but I can improve that by adding more people in the background.

I think my interlocking is pretty accurate but not super accurate because I think the waves are a bit messy in placement. If the waves interlocked well, it will look like there is people swimming in the ocean. I chose these colors because the colors next to each other are very different colors and I think it looks more colorful but still has unity. Although I don’t think it symbolises with anything. My colors are unified because the colors match when you place a mirror in the middle.