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Paragraphs of Conflict Minerals

First paragraph:

There are a lot of different types of minerals that have different purposes in phones. Usually, minerals have good and bad uses. Some are light, some are heavy, etc. For example, gold is used for wiring because gold has good conductivity but gold is rare so it is expensive. Another example is that copper is used in a circuit board because it reduces the conductor channel by width and length. These examples show that each mineral has a unique positive side to it. Some have negative sides too. Each mineral used in making phones has a reason that is used instead of some other mineral.


Second paragraph:

There is a problem in the Congo, that 6 year old kids are going to the conflict mineral mines to work. This is a problem because people that mine there have a short lifespan because of the thick silicone dust. The average lifespan of the miners in Congo is about 40 years of age. BBC reporters found out that kids that are not of legal working age yet, work in the mines. Since people start working from a really young age, they die faster than other people in Africa. The people that work in the mines in Congo are not poor because they earn lots of money by selling the conflict minerals but they die earlier than they should because they don’t buy medicine. They buy ammunition instead. Adults in Congo should care more about the effects on kids working in the mines.


Third paragraph:

There are ways that schools can help solve the problems of conflict minerals. Schools give out many computers for students to use. These computers can be made out of conflict minerals so solving the problem of whether or not computers are made with conflict minerals will help to minimize the conflict mineral problem. One example to solve this is to recycle Apple technologies like MacBook, iPhone and Apple earphones. People are able to recycle Apple technologies at Apple’s official website and you can get iTunes cards in return. By using recycled minerals, the price of new products can be decreased as well. Recycling could be one of the biggest ways to minimize the conflict mineral problem. Schools that give out personal computers to students should try to do this.


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How can Science Help Human Reproduction?

Fertilization is when a male gamete (sperm) and a female gamete (egg) meet. When more people stop becoming fertile, the population of humans will decrease and that could lead to a big problem. Some couples have problems with becoming pregnant because of poor sperm quality. That can be helped by doing IVF which is when the egg and the sperm meet outside of the woman’s body. Using fertility drugs can greatly increase the chance of a woman to get pregnant. What the fertility drugs do is that it will increase the amount of eggs put in the ovary. That will also increase the chance of getting twins and triplets which those babies can be underweighted. You can choose to stop having children and still have sex, you can choose to take an oral contraceptive. Although there are some side effects to the woman such as weight, mood and blood pressure. These solution can affect the environment because there will be more people and that can be a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is that it will take more resources from the earth.


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