I believe…

I believe that Jesus isn’t real.

I believe a little bit in Buddhism.

I believe that there isn’t an afterlife.

I believe that we should live our life the fullest.

I believe in karma.

I believe that its ok to have fun everyday.

I believe that ductape can fix everything.

I believe that we can make it to mars.

I believe that space travel is real.

I believe that its ok to do little bit of drugs.(“medical purposes”)

Science Stuff

We should stop using rare materials and start using recycled materials. This is because if we don’t the animals around the area might die because their home will be gone and it will be dangerous for them. “Approximately 3,000 trees are cut down each day, with an annual rate of nearly 440,000 a year.”  “Making matters worse, hundreds of animals’ habits are destroyed in the process”. According to troythtran.wordpress.com This shows us that since the animals habitat are getting cutted down. They lose their home and sometimes their food source. In conclusion, we should try to use recycled materials to save nature and the animals.


“Congo, Democratic Republic – Mining and MineralsCongo (DR) – Mining and Minerals.” Congo, Democratic Republic – Mining and Minerals, Department of Commerce, 20 July 2017, www.export.gov/article?id=Congo-Democratic-Republic-Mining-and-Minerals.

Troyhthtran. “The Environmental Impacts of Coltan Mining in DR Congo: Deforestation and Endangered Wildlife.” Troythtran.wordpress.com, 29 June 2013, troythtran.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/the-environmental-impacts-of-coltan-mining-in-dr-congo-deforestation-and-endangered-wildlife/.

Unit 2 Final Reflection

I think I did well on writing the annotation because I had a lot to write about the motif and about my personal interest. For example on the culture influence I wrote 45 words and I feel happy and relieved. I think this happened is because I was focused and was not distracted by other people or I wasn’t talking to other people.  I am proud that I started to not talk to other people and not get distracted.

I need to learn how to not to get distracted and to not talk to others and to finish and to give my work more earlier because right now I am two steps behind and I am late at everything and I got late on everything. I think that my motif is interlocking because I used a ruler so the line will interlock. Also I used a mirror so if there is a mistake I can fix it but so far no mistake. My motif makes a Illuminati and a clover. I wanted to make a circle but it changed into a clover and I am fine with it. I chose these colors because the colors match and has a smooth look. The colors are unified because I chose a medium colors like green,blue,and orange.


Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning helped me. This is because, the first few lessons in class I did not know how to draw the eye but since we learned and practiced how to draw the mouth, eye, ear and the nose in class 13, it improved my skills and you can see a big difference. I also learned that when I include shadows on my drawings it is going to look more 3D. I needed to focus a lot so I think that also helped me.

I will try to focus and try to collaborate with my class. That will help me because when I can communicate and collaborate with my classmates I can get feedback. I can also see the details that I couldn’t see before that I can fix when my friends look at it. I will also work more on the value scale because when I was working on the final drawing I had less value.

Risk-taker,Enthusiasm. Risk-taker because at the start of the year I was scared to do things like moving my ear more left or to move my eye more up but now I am free of all comment and I will take any risk so I can improve my drawing more realistic.  Enthusiasm because when someone tells me to give them a suggestion I will give them one that will help them.http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/reeda6/files/2017/04/yn8CCiUDQ8KP9KXfXFgpfg_thumb_7a29-20ob9wx.jpg

Hello new 6th graders today I will give you advice to survive making a essay.

First you need to put good information in the essay because if the information is useless/not useful the people reading it will not enjoy it and put your essay down.

Second it needs to HOOK people (not really hooking people). It means it needs to attract people because if I am reading a 5 paragraph and I need to read it all I will be board.