Art Unit 1 Reflection

My learning helped me. This is because, the first few lessons in class I did not know how to draw the eye but since we learned and practiced how to draw the mouth, eye, ear and the nose in class 13, it improved my skills and you can see a big difference. I also learned that when I include shadows on my drawings it is going to look more 3D. I needed to focus a lot so I think that also helped me.

I will try to focus and try to collaborate with my class. That will help me because when I can communicate and collaborate with my classmates I can get feedback. I can also see the details that I couldn’t see before that I can fix when my friends look at it. I will also work more on the value scale because when I was working on the final drawing I had less value.

Risk-taker,Enthusiasm. Risk-taker because at the start of the year I was scared to do things like moving my ear more left or to move my eye more up but now I am free of all comment and I will take any risk so I can improve my drawing more realistic.  Enthusiasm because when someone tells me to give them a suggestion I will give them one that will help them.

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