Unit 2 Final Reflection

I think I did well on writing the annotation because I had a lot to write about the motif and about my personal interest. For example on the culture influence I wrote 45 words and I feel happy and relieved. I think this happened is because I was focused and was not distracted by other people or I wasn’t talking to other people.  I am proud that I started to not talk to other people and not get distracted.

I need to learn how to not to get distracted and to not talk to others and to finish and to give my work more earlier because right now I am two steps behind and I am late at everything and I got late on everything. I think that my motif is interlocking because I used a ruler so the line will interlock. Also I used a mirror so if there is a mistake I can fix it but so far no mistake. My motif makes a Illuminati and a clover. I wanted to make a circle but it changed into a clover and I am fine with it. I chose these colors because the colors match and has a smooth look. The colors are unified because I chose a medium colors like green,blue,and orange.


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