To next year 6 graders: Advice about writing an essay

Writing an essay might be easy. However, writing an essay takes a lot of time. You have to plan on what you have to write, plan the structure, and make sure you have no contractions! You have to write a topic paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. It is also hard to explain your evidence. You also need to find evidence from a book which is also hard.

To wrap things up here are some key advice I will give you to write a successful essay.


  • No contractions! (it’s, that’s, I’ll)
  • Always cite your evidence
  • An essay always follows a structure (body paragraph, topic & conclusion paragraph)
  • Use interesting vocabulary
  • Make sure your topic sentence has a hook


An example of a conclusion paragraph:

Roald Dahl has made readers from all around the world open up their minds about books. Readers loves the imaginative and creative characters in each and every one of his books. Roald Dahl is a marvelous author because of his plot twists, amusing stories, clever use of similes and a huge range of words to create new worlds for the readers. He create his characters with detail that readers loves. Roald Dahl is an outstanding author that can invent stories with fantastic plots that makes readers fall in love with his stories. His books can make us readers think in a different perspective about thinking creatively.


The book “Esio trot”


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