I believe that…

-I believe that heaven and hell exist, but the looks can change depending on the soul and life you had.

-I believe that Jesus is son of god.

-I believe that you can recover your vision. (looool)

-I believe that there is an end of the universe.

-I believe that science can make you fly in someday.

-I believe that there is no limit in science.

-I believe that if people can try their best, any goal can be accomplished.

-I believe that you can change your dream if you want to. Other people shouldn’t boss around on what you want to do.

-i believe that school is a great place to be. You can learn, communicate and have fun with friends.

-I believe that there is nothing wrong about believing in something.

Art Unit 2 Reflection

My strength was to carve the plate. First, I tried to do it very neat. But I was worried that the test print will be bad so I made it more deeper. Then the test print went well. Also in my graph paper, I used a lot of negative space in the rectangle. I measured the rectangle so I was confutable to transfer my design to my plate. The weakness were the tracing on the window. First of all, I didn’t use a ruler to trace so I didn’t get the line straight enough. I was good at the carving so it wasn’t so bad after all. My 2 motifs designs were good but I didn’t read the instructions carefully so I did 2 Japanese cultural influence symbols. I should’ve put an islamic design in one of my motif design. I had a lot of personal interests in my mind and I chose the piano idea because piano is life!!!

My design has 3 symbols that interlocks. One is a keyboard, one is a flower, and one is the WIFI symbol. The interlocking symbols doesn’t change that much except for the flower because one part only looks like it is a semi oval shape but it actually goes to a flower. The semi oval is a petal of the flower! I thought about the colors of the paper. I think that I should put more than 4 colors so that it has unity, and has several colors and not all same or different. There is no symbols in my color of paper. I tried to make the colors make a mirror so that it looks like it has unity. I had fun in carving, printing… everything!

How Can Science Help Human Reproduction?

First of all, fertilization is an action that a female gamete, which is an egg, and a male gamete, which is sperm, join together to make a baby. It is also known as meiosis, which is sexually reproduced. Other cells are reproduced by mitosis which is asexually reproduced. A sperm contains half of a DNA and an egg has the other half of the DNA while Mitosis makes clones of the parent cell.

There is problems for some humans. They are not fertile or infertile. They have problems in there reproduction system. You can be infertile, which is very rare. If you are worried, you should go to the doctor. If you are not infertile, the doctor will say that you should have medical treatments such as…

  • Clomifene which encourages the monthly ovulation in women
  • Tamoxifen which is an alternative to clomifene
  • Metformin which is beneficial for women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Gonadotrophin which can help stimulate the ovulation in women or may improve the fertility for men
  • Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and dopamine agonists which are other types of ovulation medication

Or have surgeries such as…

  • Fallopian tube surgeries
  • Endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS surgeries
  • Epididymis surgeries

Or assisted conception such as…

  • IUI (Intrauterine insemination) – put sperm into a plastic tube and put it in to the woman’s womb
  • IVF (In vitro fertilization) – get egg from the ovaries and get sperm from the penis and fertilize them outside of the body and put it back to the woman’s womb
  • Egg and sperm donation – Receive eggs or sperm from a donor and fertilize it outside of the body or IVF.

Medication will sometimes cause medication problems when you use the medicine too much and the doctors can mistake in the middle of the surgery so doctors will recommend IUI, IVF, or if you can’t produce eggs or sperms, you should get some from a donor.

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Art Unit 1 Reflection

The main skill that I learnt was how can I draw gradation good. The day when we practiced our gradation scale, it helped quite a lot for the portrait. I got tips from my classmates and practiced hard on that so at the end, I finished it and my gradation scale looked pretty good.

I think I improved a lot. First, it was an cartoon picture of me because I wasn’t used to drawing a 3D portrait but I learned about gradation and different kinds of values and how to use an blending-stump so the improved one looks like a photo than a drawn picture.

When I draw another portrait, I should erase more gently because my paper kind of ripped off and it is ugly. I had lots of trouble with that The other thing is that I should get more pencils like 8B, 2H, and 4B and not using the thickest color or the thinnest color.

My 2 learning words was reflective, because I reflected on what I did well and not, and cooperation, because I asked people to look at my work and also I gave comments on peoples work. I had a fun time collabarating with others so I want to do these activities again. First, it was kind of troublesome but later on, it was getting fun so I was trying hard.

Reflection of Water Poster

 The Poster


 Advertisement of saving Las Vegas overuse of water

Advertisement of stopping people to litter



“Please stop littering! This is very important and it is a very large global issue! In the Japanese history, there was a problem at a place called Minamata in Kumamoto, South Japan. There was a disease called “Minamata Disease”. If you started the Minamata Disease again, Minamata people will be very sad and Minamata will be doomed. If you want to stop the disease to occur again, stop throwing rubbish and recycle!”

Kento’s Essay Advice for Grade 5

Hi Grade 5,

I have an advise about how to write an essay that I want to share with you.

First of all, an essay has an structure. The introduction, 3 or more body paragraphs and a conclusion. Secondly, you can’t use “I” because the readers will think it is not an essay and think it is an opinion paragraph. Thirdly, you can’t use contractions. Contractions, is a word and another word mixed and has an apostrophe. For example, “Can” + “not” = “Can’t”.

Matilda, by Roald Dahl Photo by Kento Y.

Picture Book Reflection

My Picture book I made is called “Don’t Go!”. The audience is grade 1. We once visited them to see what they like or want to read. We asked them what TV show they like or what color they like. We asked all kinds of simple questions about their likes and hates. The three things I did was to use a story that has an animal inside the story, make the character’s name easy to pronounce, and use simple language to make grade 1’s read much easier.

The use of language is that I had to use simple language, use onomatopoeia, making the character’s names a simple name that everybody can pronounce, and make the message/moral more clear to the grade 1’s.

The materials are cardboard for the base, pompoms for the clouds, blue bubble wrap for the ocean, and our padlet page for the design specifications. https://padlet.com/cliffords/p6wrcj2hyp9o I should not pop the bubble wrap and let the grade 1s play and pop them. I should have more pompoms to make a whole page of touch and feel or to put them on the illustrations. I only had 2 illustrations so I should put one more illustration on the last page. (The book is 3 page limit.)

My design brief for my front cover was very good. I thought about the contrast and the space balance. My final front cover had a little tiny bit of change from the design brief. I made the title smaller and I added the clouds that I never thought of before.

My story it self did have a very good moral but I should make it more clear so that they can know how to be a good kid. I think the moral is that if you do something good to a person who is sad or has injuries or “died”, something good will happen to you or that person who is sad or has injuries or “died”.

My book had appropriate words. For example, when I was trying to tell that “Bob drowned and died”, but I wrote “Bob was out of breath” instead.

I was very surprised that I found an error which is an inappropriate word. The word is “kiss”. I think every pair who came to my book jumped up when it came to that.

I don’t know why but people who came to my book was all girl pairs. I think my book cover was interesting and girls wanted to touch my book. I think the binding was the part. The girls who came were engaged by my book and the only thing they were doing was to touch my book. But I think they listened to the words though they didn’t really cared about it.

I never knew I followed one of my goal which is “Put touch and feel pages”. I didn’t quite did it perfectly but I made the grade 1s touch and feel the book.

I had a great time reading to grade 1s and I’m glad they enjoyed our books.

This is a photo of me reading the book to a pair of girls: