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Picture Book Reflection

My Picture book I made is called “Don’t Go!”. The audience is grade 1. We once visited them to see what they like or want to read. We asked them what TV show they like or what color they like. We asked all kinds of simple questions about their likes and hates. The three things I did was to use a story that has an animal inside the story, make the character’s name easy to pronounce, and use simple language to make grade 1’s read much easier.

The use of language is that I had to use simple language, use onomatopoeia, making the character’s names a simple name that everybody can pronounce, and make the message/moral more clear to the grade 1’s.

The materials are cardboard for the base, pompoms for the clouds, blue bubble wrap for the ocean, and our padlet page for the design specifications. I should not pop the bubble wrap and let the grade 1s play and pop them. I should have more pompoms to make a whole page of touch and feel or to put them on the illustrations. I only had 2 illustrations so I should put one more illustration on the last page. (The book is 3 page limit.)

My design brief for my front cover was very good. I thought about the contrast and the space balance. My final front cover had a little tiny bit of change from the design brief. I made the title smaller and I added the clouds that I never thought of before.

My story it self did have a very good moral but I should make it more clear so that they can know how to be a good kid. I think the moral is that if you do something good to a person who is sad or has injuries or “died”, something good will happen to you or that person who is sad or has injuries or “died”.

My book had appropriate words. For example, when I was trying to tell that “Bob drowned and died”, but I wrote “Bob was out of breath” instead.

I was very surprised that I found an error which is an inappropriate word. The word is “kiss”. I think every pair who came to my book jumped up when it came to that.

I don’t know why but people who came to my book was all girl pairs. I think my book cover was interesting and girls wanted to touch my book. I think the binding was the part. The girls who came were engaged by my book and the only thing they were doing was to touch my book. But I think they listened to the words though they didn’t really cared about it.

I never knew I followed one of my goal which is “Put touch and feel pages”. I didn’t quite did it perfectly but I made the grade 1s touch and feel the book.

I had a great time reading to grade 1s and I’m glad they enjoyed our books.

This is a photo of me reading the book to a pair of girls: