Art Unit 1 Reflection

The main skill that I learnt was how can I draw gradation good. The day when we practiced our gradation scale, it helped quite a lot for the portrait. I got tips from my classmates and practiced hard on that so at the end, I finished it and my gradation scale looked pretty good.

I think I improved a lot. First, it was an cartoon picture of me because I wasn’t used to drawing a 3D portrait but I learned about gradation and different kinds of values and how to use an blending-stump so the improved one looks like a photo than a drawn picture.

When I draw another portrait, I should erase more gently because my paper kind of ripped off and it is ugly. I had lots of trouble with that The other thing is that I should get more pencils like 8B, 2H, and 4B and not using the thickest color or the thinnest color.

My 2 learning words was reflective, because I reflected on what I did well and not, and cooperation, because I asked people to look at my work and also I gave comments on peoples work. I had a fun time collabarating with others so I want to do these activities again. First, it was kind of troublesome but later on, it was getting fun so I was trying hard.

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