Art Unit 2 Reflection

My strength was to carve the plate. First, I tried to do it very neat. But I was worried that the test print will be bad so I made it more deeper. Then the test print went well. Also in my graph paper, I used a lot of negative space in the rectangle. I measured the rectangle so I was confutable to transfer my design to my plate. The weakness were the tracing on the window. First of all, I didn’t use a ruler to trace so I didn’t get the line straight enough. I was good at the carving so it wasn’t so bad after all. My 2 motifs designs were good but I didn’t read the instructions carefully so I did 2 Japanese cultural influence symbols. I should’ve put an islamic design in one of my motif design. I had a lot of personal interests in my mind and I chose the piano idea because piano is life!!!

My design has 3 symbols that interlocks. One is a keyboard, one is a flower, and one is the WIFI symbol. The interlocking symbols doesn’t change that much except for the flower because one part only looks like it is a semi oval shape but it actually goes to a flower. The semi oval is a petal of the flower! I thought about the colors of the paper. I think that I should put more than 4 colors so that it has unity, and has several colors and not all same or different. There is no symbols in my color of paper. I tried to make the colors make a mirror so that it looks like it has unity. I had fun in carving, printing… everything!

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