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I believe that…

-I believe that heaven and hell exist, but the looks can change depending on the soul and life you had.

-I believe that Jesus is son of god.

-I believe that you can recover your vision. (looool)

-I believe that there is an end of the universe.

-I believe that science can make you fly in someday.

-I believe that there is no limit in science.

-I believe that if people can try their best, any goal can be accomplished.

-I believe that you can change your dream if you want to. Other people shouldn’t boss around on what you want to do.

-i believe that school is a great place to be. You can learn, communicate and have fun with friends.

-I believe that there is nothing wrong about believing in something.

Reflection of Water Poster

 The Poster


 Advertisement of saving Las Vegas overuse of water

Advertisement of stopping people to litter



“Please stop littering! This is very important and it is a very large global issue! In the Japanese history, there was a problem at a place called Minamata in Kumamoto, South Japan. There was a disease called “Minamata Disease”. If you started the Minamata Disease again, Minamata people will be very sad and Minamata will be doomed. If you want to stop the disease to occur again, stop throwing rubbish and recycle!”